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The REAL reason you are going to uni

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    Because they won't let me operate on people unless I have a medicine degree
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    Mainly liking maths, wanting to teach and the expectation. Also, I'll be one of the first in my family (the first is my cousin, doing Sport Science at Exeter).
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    (Original post by AngryCheeseCake)
    It is my dream to get a costco cake when I graduate.
    That's nice I love Costco cakes especially the carrot cake.
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    I enjoy my subject, become more independent and have more experiences.
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    It seems harder to get a job without a degree nowadays and plus the job I'm interested in requires you to have a degree. I also want to move away from home and learn to live independently an I'll become less shy. I really like the course I have applied for it seems like the perfect course. I just need to meet the grades now which I'll definitely do.
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    Because I'm passionate about the subject I'm doing, I want to learn everything about it and get my degree. That's all.
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    (Original post by YB101)
    Anyone else?
    Went for the sex... uni is a crap place for sex, I get more back home than I do at uni and it isn't without trying! I suppose I am now here for the degree
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    (Original post by geetar)
    Honestly, the real reason I went - and why most people go - is because I was expected to. I'm a middle class, suburban first-worlder, who has been pushed through a formal education system since I was five years old, which was always going to culminate in a degree.
    It's true, and I would argue, a bit of a shame. But what can be done? this is a capitalist society.
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    Because I want to get a job, and because I never really considered any other route. I don't really know what I want to do with my life career-wise (everything else seems pretty sorted really), so I'll do a degree in something that could lead to a job which I might like, but mainly I'll hopefully enjoy the course

    Also, my parents encouraged me (we're "working class" so they weren't all "Oh but cousin _______ went, what will the family say, what will the ladies at my luncheon club think, gasp!", but they encouraged me because they think it'll be better for me in the long run ) and all my friends are applying.
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    i don't have a lot of talents. the only things i am good at are reading and writing and i only have an interest in science and the arts. so to be honest i might as well go because otherwise i'm pretty f**ked
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    It's all about the career for me. I made the decision to return to uni for a career change and as a commuting mature student I don't live a 'typical' student life at all. That's not to say I don't do any socialising as I joined a society and have made a lot of great friends at uni but it's very much secondary to my purpose of being at uni. I've also done a 3 year diploama previously at an NCDT acredited drama school but the same was true then really in that I was there focused entirely on getting the job I wanted at the end. I was happy in that career for a long time but (showing my age a bit here) I've reached a point in my life where I need to start laying the foundations for a secure family unti and lifestyle at the same time as discovering that I adore teaching so it was the natural time to return to my studies. I do feel like my reasons for being there have affected the way I approach uni but for me it's a positive that my focus is narrowed and I think I'm making a better job of being a uni student than I would have done had I gone when I still wanted to live the lifestyle too. Again, that's not to say that the student lifestyle hurts anyone else's uni work, just that I know my own personality type and I'm better prepared and more focused this way!
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    I wanted to become the next Sarkozy

    Because I meet the height requirements :cookie:
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    On the most part because I wanted to carry on in education. I think knowledge is a very important thing in life. I'm always trying to find out why this or that happens, how this or that works so on. Its good to be able to look at something and explain to others how it works if they are interested
    The degree Ill be starting (Dont do an arts degree, they are **** and lead to dropping out and reapplying for a Bsc. True story. Come at me neg artists!) doesn't lead to a specific job, though it isn't the sort of subject you can study in any form other than university!

    But then there is another part of it which was because I wanted to stay close to my girlfriend of a bloody long time (which dictated where I went to uni) and wanting to keep as far away from the current jobs market as physically possible!
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    Anything I can do to avoid working
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    I'd feel bad passing up an opportunity my parents and grandparents never had.
    Plus I know now a degree doesn't guarantee you a good job, it's just a prerequisite for a chance at a good job.

    Can't say I'm a fan though, long hours, away from family and friends, boring course, crap drinking scene (all kids who've had their first beer). Not a fan.
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    Because I like Physics (overlooking the fact I can barely build a circuit to save my life).
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    I'd like to do one to both; increase my career prospects and get a good job, but also to meet interesting new people.

    Just hoping I can get in, though.
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    I tried working a minimum wage job
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    Mainly so I can feel superior to other people. Also so I can feel superior to most other students at lesser universities Also to help secure a job. These might sound like bad reasons, but it's just honesty.


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