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Making it to A* from A.

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    I've done a few past papers (Edexcel linear) and i consistently get 75-85 marks. How can I be sure to always get above 85?
    Any techniques/hints/tips for that extra push?
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    Geeze, these forums are of great help...
    Haha, loving the negs, but i do regret saying that.
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    Work out where you are going wrong in the exams. Go over topics you are unsure of if you keep losing the marks in the same area. Also remember to check your answers to make sure you haven't made any silly mistakes.
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    Practice. Work out where your going wrong. Practice again. And repeat.
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    I think you just need to keep on doing past papers. I'm not sure if that'll guarantee you an A*, but the questions in past papers tend to be really similar and are always about the same topics. If you understand the concepts then you need to do past papers to learn how to apply the concepts in a variety of ways.
    I know this information is a little useless but it's really the best help I can give! I hope it's what will give me an A* this year too.
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    Thanks to all that replied. This forum is of help.
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    The way some questions are worded throw me off sometimes. Also, with some questions I don't know how to actually approach them. Question about shapes and algebraic proof.
    I also do drop a few marks from silly mistakes, so I need to get that out of my system.
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    Would be awesome if you could help me pass the 30 mark barrier lol :P
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    (Original post by Simpliey)
    Would be awesome if you could help me pass the 30 mark barrier lol :P
    What you need is the MATHSWATCH CD! I've been using it a lot and it has helped greatly. But it's a bit late now. Exam in three days...can't wait to ace it.


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