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Latin Entry Requirements... Scottish Students.

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    Hello, i'm dropping out of my current course and hoping to apply to latin (with something else, but i'm still undecided) but before I drop out of my course I would appreciate it if any current students studying at EoU would tell me the grades they were accepted for? I realise the entry requirements are officially AAAA-BBBB but wanted to hear from some actual people studying there.
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    Hey, sorry this is so late! I took Latin as my outside course for first and second year so I've just finished with it Well, the prospectus said that anybody with Higher or above goes into the intermediate Latin 1C/D, where you start reading texts right away. Anybody else (with int 2, standard grade or nothing) goes into the 1A/B class, where you start right at the beginning with grammar and stuff so that when you join the composite 2A/B class in second year, you keep up better. I had an A for higher Latin and joined 1C/D. I failed the diagnostic grammar test at the start of the year but the lecturer of the time was also Scottish and as such was more sympathetic. He allowed me to stay on in the advanced class for which I am very grateful. It all depends on your qualification, but even with a good higher, I would be careful - the course is built very much as a follow on from A-Level and because Higher Latin focuses less on vocab, I had to work extremely hard over the last two years to keep up. No matter where you end up, I would be prepared to do a lot of work. Hope this helps.


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Updated: May 11, 2012
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