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Carling Cup Final: Cardiff City vs Liverpool Predictions & Discussion! 26/02/2012

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    If Bellamy scored :coma:

    Best transfer for Liverpool in some time.
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    How I love underdogs winning.
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    Get it on target you retards.
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    Penos please .
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    liverpool fans, who are your 5 penalty takers?
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    This is bull****, come on guys, score!! Really hoping that Kuyt can get it for us. Would sum up his time ehre perfectly. Underrated as hell.

    Gerrard and Suarez been gash at certain points too.
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    Have to say i didnt expect it to even go here, let alone penalties.
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    this has been ****e
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    (Original post by internet tough guy)
    liverpool fans, who are your 5 penalty takers?
    Gerrard, Bellamy, Kuyt, Suarez and anyone else but Downing or Carragher.

    EDIT: It would appear that won't be needed
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    (Original post by Jim-Jam)
    come on guys, score!! Really hoping that Kuyt can get it for us.o.
    lol ^
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    **** yeah.
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    Oh bloody hell, I knew he'd score. He always bloody delivers.
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    If anyone deserves to win a medal it's him.
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    How did Kuyt score that?
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    Amazing reaction strike
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    Screw this, now even Andy Carroll will have a medal.


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Updated: March 27, 2012
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