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Carling Cup Final: Cardiff City vs Liverpool Predictions & Discussion! 26/02/2012

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    Beautiful Equaliser by Cardiff! they may not win it, but they've played blody brilliant considering they're underdogs, i do hope they win though, they deserve it imo!
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    Come on Cardiff! Everyone apart from Pool fans are rooting for you!
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    Judging from our previous penalties this season, we're ****ed.
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    Peno's hahaha.

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    Just found a picture of craig bellamy taken before the match.

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    Uuuuuuurgh penalties...
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    Reina's one of the better Liverpool players, shootout isn't so bad for them.
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    (Original post by Tommyjw)
    I mean surely, Liverpool have to win the penalties.. surely?
    Not really.

    They'll feel demoralised. . Could swing either way!
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    Nothing would be more fitting than watching Suarez miss the penalty. After what happened in the WC...
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    If we win we are gunna have a parade through town.....about 2 mins away from where I live!
    Malky can come over mine
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    hope cardiff win!
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    Oh, boy, this is gonna be good...

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    What ITV would do now is cut to an advert break.
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    (Original post by jaxxa)
    Oh, boy, this is gonna be good...

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    what a save!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dear God please let Suarez miss.
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    What a save!
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    Saved like a boss!
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    Noooooo! I swear I'm gonna have a heart attack. If I never post on TSR again, you guys know what happened.
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    surely its a disadvantage to cardiff because the liverpool fans are behind, gerrard misses XDDDDDDDDDD


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Updated: March 27, 2012
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