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MA in Global Media and Communication

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    Hi, I've got an offer for MA in Global Media and Communication in Center for cultural policy.

    That's a quite new course in the center. Anyone furthur information about the course ? Any opinions on studying media at University of Warwick?
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    Hey! I have accepted the university's offer for the same program MA Global Media and Communication. I am really exchited, I don't know many details about the program but I've been informed that Warwick has a really good reputation in Communication and Media studies. Finally, do u accept your offer? Also, I submitted, recently, my on-campus accommodation application.
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    Hi guys, can you tell me a little about the course? Where did you do your undergraduate and what in? What grades did you get? Did you have an interview? Any detail would be great, thanks.
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    Hello, I've got an offer for the MA in Global Media and Communication for September 2013 intake. Anyone else?

    @TEBadger: I'm currently completing my BA (Hons) in Modern Languages at the University of Oxford, expected to graduate with a high 2.1. I didn't have an interview, was just send the offer letter.
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    Hello, I will start the MA at Warwick in September. Did you, Kiara, accept the offer?
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    Hi everyone, I recently decided to accept my offer for the MA in Global Media and Communication at Warwick. Nice to meet you all!

    @TEBadger: I have two bachelors, one in English Literature from a public university in Greece, and one in Communication from an American college. I graduated with honours, and although I didn't have an interview I was required to take an English test. Good luck!
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    Nice to meet you, I suppose we'll be course-mates in September!
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    Hi, I'm applying for this masters for 2014, and before winging off my personal statement was just wondering if anyone had any advice?


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