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What was your first email address?

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    If you can remember that far back, we all created embarrassing addresses when we were young. I'm operating on the assumption that you don't use the address anymore.

    I think mine was either 'ineedspeed2007' or 'killerdeathx' and they were both with Hotmail. So young and innocent.

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    my TSR username with hotmail. Sad, I know.
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    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    If you can remember that far back, we all created embarrassing addresses when we were young. I'm operating on the assumption that you don't use the address anymore.

    I think mine was either 'ineedspeed2007' or 'killerdeathx' and they were both with Hotmail. So young and innocent.

    I didn't make a bad email address, but my xboxlive, which I made at the age of 14, is ilikepie, lol...
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    If that's not embarrassing I don't know what is...
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    still got them, initials and dog's name the classic route!
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    I still use my first one, made it something like 10 years ago now, and it's just my surname then initials. I don't have a wild side
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    I was HornyCamGuy
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    I hypothesise that
    - Males will have 'manly' addresses (warrior, death...see ape's examples)
    - Females will have something surrounded by assorted combinations of 'x's (e.g. xXxChick001xXx)
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    foxy44 - dear oh dear!

    As for xbox, mines Fuzzy Potato 15.
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    I was a boring kid and the email address I use now is the same one I created first. Just my name and a couple of numbers. I did usa a more 'creative' one for a while, to fit in, it was something like 'littleB' or something silly like that but then I realised that was stupid and reverted back to my old plain one.

    Yes I still use Hotmail I've become quite attached to that email address I've had it since I was 12!
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    I still use mine -- it's just the username I was given at secondary school Luckily it's not too bad -- back then usernames were in the format {first initial}{surname}{last 2 digits of year of entry}, eg jsmith97. (Three years later when they ditched all the Acorns in favour of Windows, they changed the username format to {last 2 digits of year of entry}{surname}{first 3 letters of forename}, eg 97smithjoh. Which was horrible.)
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    I do believe it was binladen5@hotmail . c o m. I only used it for a few months until I changed to one that was more civilised.
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    I can't remember, it was the late nineties after all. I do remember that it was an AOL address.
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    Obviously, the name bob was replaced by my name and the numbers were different.
    but I still give the bob_111@hotmail.... email to shops and things if they ask for my email address. I bet that bob guy must have got a **** load of spam.
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    My name I don't have a clue what the password is to it now though.
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    My very first one was stop________________hammertime .
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    I still use my other one though, because it is simply my first name and my birthday.

    Both are hotmail.
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    I still use 'esmerox' .. *sigh*
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    Boring, I know :/
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    My first one was just my name as my mum and dad made it for me. The first one I made was a nickname then the year I was born.


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Updated: March 3, 2012
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