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Laura Blomeley (1983-2006)

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    Hi all,

    Just a quick post to express my shock and sadness at the death of Laura Blomeley, former QMSU president. She was a warm, pleasant and kind person who had so much going for her. I know she will be missed by many.
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    You cannot be serious. I never knew Laura Blomeley personally, but I did see her around at campus and I must say she was the most warmest and freindliest person I have ever known. She used to always smile at me when we bumped into each other and I do recall exchanging a few words. She was a great SU President during my time at QMUL and I am deeply saddened of the recent news.

    May I send my greatest condolences to her family for which it must be such a difficult time and to everyone who knew her.
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    How? What happened?
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    any confirmation on this?
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    Can definitely confirm it. Was talking to someone who knew her yesterday. all very rapid, and all very sad
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    Do we know yet of the circumstances?
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    I'm not affiliated with the University of London in any way but I would like to offer my condolences regardless. One of my friends, of a similar age, died last year, also in tragic circumstances, and I know to some extent what people are going through here. My deepest sympathies.
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    Thanks Angelil. It was nice of you to leave your comments.
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    Is it appropriate to cite the cause of her death? All other 'releases' have been careful not to state that, and we've all kept schtum on here in case it was at the request of her family.
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    Sorry I did not mean to appear disrespectful of Laura, sorry if I offended anyone.
    I just think that there you can talk about illness in a respectful manner and that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Death is unfortunately a natural part of life.
    But I understand ur point and am very sorry, so I have now deleted this message to respect her parents' wish
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    No - I agree with you (from a future palliative care doctor - hopefully).

    'Coola' if her parents are ready to talk etc. Up until a few days ago, nothing mentioned her cause of death, and we thought it better safe than upsetting someone without meaning to.


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Updated: March 8, 2006
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