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Attendance of Management department

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    Hi! First I would want to say thank you for spending your time reading and I have a question about attendance for the Management Science and Innovation department (MSIN).

    Basically my problem is that my attendance does not meet the 70% requirement by the MSIN department. last term i did an module in MSIN department. Also, I took another module in my home department and it required me to do a project which contributed to 40% of my final mark. Because of that project, I decided to go to the office hour of the lecturer. However, the office hour of the lecturer is between 4:30pm and 5:30pm...which is right in the middle of the MSIN lectures (4-6pm). I almost missed all the lectures after reading week for the MSIN module..

    Could anyone tell me MSIN department is strict on the attendance please? Because I saw on the departmental handbook that if i do not achieve enough attendance, I will not be able to attend the exam.
    They also said they would send warnings emails/letters to student who have attendance problem. I have never received such warnings because if i received such a warning, I would go to the lecture immediately instead of going to the office hour (and spending half an hour queuing). Also if they refuse me to attend the exams, when will I receive such notice (provided that the module is a 1st term module)?

    Thank you once again


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Updated: February 25, 2012
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