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Dye stripper

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    Right, kids. I have much-dyed black hair. I also have some bright blue dye.
    I want to put in some bleached stripes then put this blue in over that.
    Yes, I am aware that it could go horribly wrong, but I'm going to take my chances. The question is, where do I go to find a) dye stripper and b) bleach/peroxide stuff? Is Boots going to work or am I going to have to go further afield?
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    they sell bleach and peroxide in superdrug. you need the 40 vol peroxide, its £1.43 for the peroxide and a bit more for the powder bleach you mix with it.
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    Be careful with the blue. According to my hairdresser, a genuinely permenent blue doesn't exist. So be prepared to top it up or have a good colour to cover it with.


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