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What is on your bucket list?!

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    Just find this genuinely interesting - what would be on your list?

    Some things on my list are...

    Cut my own hair.
    Sleep under the stars.
    Visit the set of Neighbours.

    Give me some of yours!
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    Mine are pretty cliché, but oh well haha...

    Visit New York, Paris, Australia and Rio de Janerio;
    Donate blood;
    Give 20% of my annual earnings to various charities;
    Get married;
    Have children and be a good mother;
    Achieve self-confidence;
    Swim with dolphins.
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    Just some of mine...

    Visit every continent.
    Visit New York and Tokyo.
    Learn how to snowboard.
    Learn another language.
    Own a walk-in wardrobe. :P
    Fall in love <3
    Meet Calvin Harris.
    Meet Lady Gaga.
    Meet Adele.
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    Get a job I like!
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    To study photography at university in order to become a professional paedophile (child magnet). I love the attention of children, it gives me a tingling sensation....... in my............... eyes.
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    Most of the stuff on An Idiot Abroad tbh! (Within reason... not the really strange stuff) - but things like:

    -have a go in a shark cage (no dolphins for me!)
    - go bungee jumping
    - go skydiving
    - drive route 66, in a 50s car, with my rock and roll music blaring the whole journey!
    - Walk the Apulachian trail, and not get got by hillbillies...
    - get an original vw camper and paint it in my own design, loads of psychadelic colours etc
    - perform at the edinburgh fringe - doing anything!
    -smash up a guitar The Who-style
    -See the acroplois in Athens
    - See the various pyramids in Mexico, Peru and Egypt
    - do both the yorkshire and national three-peak challenges
    - try a 'twinky weiner sandwich' - watch UHF if you don't know waht this is...
    -be part of a flash mob
    -run a marathon

    Theres probably way more, I could go on, but it would bore everyone!

    Edit: I forgot one of my favorites: Do Ferris Bueller's day off - call a sickie from work, uni whatever i'm doing with a couple of friends and basically do all the things in the movie!
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    My mum came up with quite a good one (although probably not possible) ... to follow a rainbow!


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