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Dissertation Help: Earthquake Resistant Design

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    I'm really struggling to have a focus question for an Architecture Dissertation. I've written 5,500 words already, so don't want to start something else.
    I original thought "can skyscrapers be earthquake resistant without damper technology?" I quickly found that they will not survive without damper technology.
    Then I thought "Can a building be completely Earthquake proof?" which, unless the building levitates from the ground, it can't.
    My lecturer really liked the idea of "Can Earthquake resistant design be made available to developing countries within an earthquake zone?" To which has become too political, as within these countries they build their own houses with mud bricks ect, and going into enforcing seismic design within these countries does not follow an Architecture Dissertation.

    I AM AT MY WITS END! Any suggestions would be a God send!
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    Surely demonstrating that adjustments in building design using traditional materials, resulting in more resistance to collapse and or a lower death toll in the event of collapse, is a valid architectural position. The social and cultural challenge of obtaining adoption can be noted but do not need to be resolved (and enforcement I feel falls into the trap of prejudging the solution to adoption) and will provide someone else in another department a good subject for their dissertation.

    Anyway good luck


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