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Problem applying to Scottish uni

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    I'm an English student living in England and I have an offer from Edinburgh uni which is my probable firm atm.

    I've started filling in my student finance application and in the section where I select my course, all the course details are filled in from my UCAS application except Edinburgh isn't on the list. I checked the Scottish student finance site and it told me I should be applying through the English one. (http://www.saas.gov.uk/student_support/uk_elsewhere.htm)

    So, I'm not sure what to do. I've tried phoning Student Finance England but just ended up going through lots of recorded menus which told me I should look on their website.

    what do I do? My college is pressuring us to apply ASAP.
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    Yes you should be applying through SFE.

    If it's not on the list you can either:
    a)wait until SF sort their crap out and make their forms work with all universities (we've seen this problem many, many times)
    b)manually input your course details
    c)choose whatever university for now then call SF to change it
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    The easiest option would be to call up Edinburgh University to be honest, the bursary department were always very helpful and understanding when I was up there (I was a Scottish student though so can;t answer your question myself sadly).

    The other thing to remember if you're going to a Scottish uni, is that it is probably best to look into having your student bank account with one of the big Scottish banks like RBS or Bank of Scotland for the simple reason that most English banks only have one branch in each Scottish city and so have massive queues if you ever do need to see them in person. Barclays have 2 in Edinburgh if I remember rightly, and that is pretty rare!
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    It did the same for me bit with Glasgow - I just put it in manually and then kept checking back until it came up as a choice to click (which it eventually did after I firmed it )


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Updated: February 28, 2012
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