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What do you think of beards?

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    I'm a girl and hate them
    I'm a girl and love them
    I'm a guy with a beard
    I'm a guy without a beard

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    I've noticed when guys get fat they tend to grow beards and yeah.

    Pic related
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Name:	prince-williams-beard.jpg 
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    Was wondering do any girls actually like beards? As I find it so annoying to shave everyday, but I've been told by many people especially my sister that I shouldn't have a beard and I should shave everyday.
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    yes please
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Name:	20852d1160155049-robin-hood-outlaws-revenge-bbc-robinwoof-.jpg 
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    abit too much
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Name:	beard.jpg 
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    I couldn't vote in the poll because it was just so 'yes' or 'no'
    It really depends on the person, like many things
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    The right length, on the right sort of guy...? :sexface:

    I don't particularly have a thing for them, but neither am I put off if someone has one. It's all a matter of whether or not it suits your face, really.
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    I like mine.
    Oh and just in case people were not aware: slightly long stubble =/= beard.
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    A beard suits some people.

    And by some people, I mean hardly anyone.
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    Not a fan of beards. Too scratchy.
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    I generally tend to find beards rather unsexy, that being said it depends on the person. A guy I like looks a hell of a lot better with a beard.
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    Generally no although there are a few exceptions.
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    ive got the goatee but want the full blown bin laden

    Any tips?
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    (Original post by Esco910)
    ive got the goatee but want the full blown bin laden

    Any tips?
    i wanted to thumbs up but i cannot as ive run out for today. however take my LOL as consolation
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    I like the little goatee ones.However, I cant stand a full one!.
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    In general ... GOD YES. I love beards. Beards beards beards. I love many variations of facial hair, but a proper old-fashioned beard is the best. (A short one, that is - not such a fan when they get long enough to make the face look round. Although I am still impressed by those beards, they are not so sexually attractive.)

    Finally: Beards.

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    http://www.buzzfeed.com/fjelstud/the...ards-with-cats :awesome:

    I have a beard, and I like boys with beards. I can't picture a young guy pulling off a full-on lumberjack beard well, though, and guys who don't naturally grow enough facial hair attempting just looks a bit silly.
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    Unless you're this guy

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gandalf.jpg 
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ID:	133939

    don't do it
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    I'd despise owning a beard. It feels horrible to the touch and I feel unhygienic for wearing them (yes I know that's wrong, hence why I said "feel" and not "am").
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    Ke$ha likes beards....O.o
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    it depends. Apparently, a friend looks like Matthew Kelly without a beard, lol.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	actor_emile_hirsch1-222x300.jpg 
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Name:	emile-hirschv33ptx.jpg 
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ID:	133941
    definite improvement
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ryan-gosling-shirtless.jpg 
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ID:	133942
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RYAN+beard.jpg 
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ID:	133943
    not so much
    (regardless of ab content)
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    (Original post by HarveyCanis)
    It feels horrible to the touch and I feel unhygienic for wearing them (yes I know that's wrong, hence why I said "feel" and not "am").
    I think they feel quite nice: we don't stroke them just for effect; it's actually quite fun thing to do. :p: And the feeling of 'having a beard' (in terms of feeling unclean or whatever) is very different to the feeling of 'not having shaved', honest.


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