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What do you think of beards?

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    I'm a girl and hate them
    I'm a girl and love them
    I'm a guy with a beard
    I'm a guy without a beard

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    never seen one look better on a guy then they would clean-shaven tbh
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    don't mind beards. but depends on the person. not really for everyone.
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    (Original post by fantafruittwist)
    yes please
    Attachment 133932
    abit too much
    Attachment 133933
    please tell me that's a real beard/person, that is just sheer brilliance!
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    If you want to have a beard, then have a ****ing beard. Your face.
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    YES PLEASE!!!!
    i love them, to me they can make a guy look intriguing.
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    I don't have a beard myself. I'd like one but despite what others say I don't think I suit it. I do like beards up to a certain length.
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    A beard looks good or bad depending on the wearer. I'm not just talking about looking 'sexy' as this depends on the guy being good looking as well, I mean whether it looks stylish or cringeworthy.

    Regardless of how good looking he is, a fashionable guy with a good dress sense and well groomed (including keeping the beard well styled and tidy) is likely to be able to pull off a beard well. But a nerdy guy trying to grow a beard to look more manly or rugged, will look bad. A dull middle aged guy that otherwise has a boring image, will end up looking like an OU professor with a beard.

    Age has something to do with it too. Guys aged under 23 rarely look good with a beard. Late 20s and over it can look good.
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    Don't really like them.
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    Personally I like a bit of a beard (meaning a bit of long stubble), but dear god avoid a Hagrid!!!!!
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    (Original post by twoforjoy)
    Attachment 133940Attachment 133941
    definite improvement
    Attachment 133942
    Attachment 133943
    not so much
    (regardless of ab content)
    Ryan's face is way fatter in the second, not fair! How about:

    However, I repped you for Emile Hirsch :daydreaming:
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    I enjoy owning a full beard. I used to have a goatee but grew a pair and upgraded to the real thing. Best of all, my girlfriend loves it.
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    (Original post by Jelkin)
    Ryan's face is way fatter in the second, not fair! How about:

    However, I repped you for Emile Hirsch :daydreaming:
    fair point! I think it was when his beard was longer
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    much better shorter

    <3 Emile Hirsch!
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    Get on it.
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    Where's the 'I'm a girl with a beard' option on the poll? :holmes:
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    (Original post by placebo24)

    Get on it.
    i would :perv:
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    Go for a Billy Gibbons style one, that would be cool.

    I don't really like the feeling of having a beard, although I'm told that I look better with a bit of stubble.
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    It only suits some men, imo. e.g.

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    (Original post by simoncino)
    i wanted to thumbs up but i cannot as ive run out for today. however take my LOL as consolation
    Thanks for the support mate, can't let the negs win or change our minds.
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    i only ever end up with one when im to lazy to remove it
    but they do make one look/feel far more intelligent than usual with the pensive stroking of the beard :P
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    (Original post by Ferrero Rocher)
    It only suits some men, imo. e.g.


    And let's not forget:

    Without a beard, Aragorn would have only been able to kick 10% as much arse as he did. If Legolas had had a beard, he would have been able to fire an arrow back in time and do away with Sauron before he'd even made the rings. Fact.


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