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What do you think of beards?

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    I'm a girl and hate them
    I'm a girl and love them
    I'm a guy with a beard
    I'm a guy without a beard

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    Personally i don't like them because whenever my ex didn't shave for more than a few days the stubble became uncomfortable :P

    appearance wise i think they look horrible too and i always take they mickey out of my brother for having one, especially as it's ginger!
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    Not a fan of proper beards, but short to long-ish stubble looks great on most guys. Though it doesn't make for a happy chin while kissing.
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    (Original post by sweeter than a cherry pie)
    Though it doesn't make for a happy chin while kissing.
    I'll kiss it better

    Oh no wait.. didn't think that one through
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    I've got a small beard which I love until it turns into a little monster tickling me on a non-stop basis.
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    (Original post by sweeter than a cherry pie)
    Not a fan of proper beards, but short to long-ish stubble looks great on most guys. Though it doesn't make for a happy chin while kissing.
    You basically said all I wanted to say.
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    I have kind of a stubble, apparently it makes me look "rough" and unprofessional.
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    (Original post by Simplicity)
    I've noticed when guys get fat they tend to grow beards and yeah.

    It's either because fat guys look much better with a beard (they look like a big Henry VII-esque tough guy rather than that chubby kid you used to bully at school) or because if you stop bothering with your body shape you stop bothering to shave?
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    Everyone tells me they like my beard. Then again, I trim it alot. One of my friends says I would look better without it. Then again, she hates hair (I mean facial hair, arm hair etc) on any guy so she doesn't count

    It's all personal preference.
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    i want in the future to grow a proper one but im not very sure if it will suit me,but how i ll know if i dont try it first?
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    I have two beards.
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    am blonde myself, so there's no point to facial hair for me =(
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    I want to grow proper stubble, but it's won't work for me cos I can only grow little sideburn, chins and top of mouth so swear that am just going to keep shave for now hopefully in future I will be able to grow one and I'm only 20 yo I don't know is it because of my age or genes?
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    Thankfully i can't grow a proper beard. Ever since i started shaving i've been clean shaven and it doesn't grow out a lot. I think any sort of facial hair looks horrible.
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    Done anybody know if doctor can help you growing beard like pills?
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    Yes, Prophet Muhammad (saw) style. BIG MAN TING!
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    I love long wide ones! But beards are cool too...

    Also, where was the "I am a girl and i have a beard"?
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    Opinions on my beard?

    http:[email protected]/6681797649/

    http:[email protected]/6681813545/

    Preferably from girls.
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    Not a particular fan so i voted that i hate them. But actually it depends, there's a few men that suit them.
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    It suits you but it's a bit sharp and too defined..needs to follow the contour of your face rather than going in a straight line down your cheek. Hope that made sense :borat:
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    Beards suit everyone. If full grown 5 inch beards aren't your thing, how about trimming it to a grade 1 or something and shaping it up. Looks chief


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