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Favourite chocolate bar?

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    Snickers are chocolate bar perfection, in my book. There is not a single thing I would change about them.
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    Hotel Chocolate milk chocolate, (I know this isn't a bar but it should be!) the strawberry one in Roses, and those huge bars of galaxy when it used to be flat and tasted so much better than the round plasticky stuff of today! :P
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    Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky or the limited edition Flake from a few years back, I think it was called a Snow Flake?
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    Hershey Bars
    Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut

    Though it's been a while since I have had chocolate...
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    Milkybar :pierre:
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    wispa, toffee crisp, aero, lion bars, twirls, snickers.

    And the rest.
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    (Original post by Ami)
    lol I had one of the little hippo's today, ha
    yeah I tried one of them the other day... had come back after a prett s**t day and got given one, it actually made me happy.

    I was, momentarily, a happy hippo.
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    A beautiful little Freddo bar caramel or Plain I'm not bothered
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    rocky, if we're allowing chocolate biscuits. if not, then snickers, bounty or galaxy
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    Galaxy smooth milk
    Kinder Bueno
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    Im not a big choc eater but i use to love wonka exploders. Sadly they no longer make them.

    Crunchie isn't so bad though. :love:
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    The new Dairy Milk bubbly <3 A big bar for a £1!
    YES, got to be the one with white in the middle though ... mmmmm
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    Kitkat Chunky
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    I realise that I'm definitely in the minority here, but:


    I ****ing love those, man. Dark, normal; it makes no difference.

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    Definitely has to be a Twix
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    (Original post by Bigyouth)
    Has to be twirl for me.. or a flake.
    >Take a bite
    >Half of it crumbles and falls on the floor.

    It looks like some Moldovian-grade chocolate, can't say I'm a fan.
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    (Original post by afshan93)
    how can no one mention the coconut sweet goodness of a bounty!
    Second that, I love the taste of paradise. I'm also incredibly partial to a Malteaser's Easter bunny at the moment.


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Updated: February 28, 2012
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