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KPMG interview

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    To anyone who has had the first round interview, I was wondering if all the competency questions relate to the 9 specific ones listed on their website (and the questions with them) or are they just general competency questions?? Thanks if anyone can help

    I had one with KPMG two weeks ago. It lasted 45 mins(excluding Q&A). Basically, she asked some questions that you have to answer them with specific EXAMPLES (social will be preferred). Some questions were like:
    -Desbribe a time when you worked in a team?(testing teamwork)
    (as you go along, she/he will come up something like)
    -if a memeber disagree with you, how did you handle that? What was the outcome? (testing leadership)
    -if you tasks have become a daily routine, how would you keep youself motivated? (testing resilience)
    -describe a current issue in the business world?
    -give me an example of a company that you believe has the potential to grow and why?
    To the last two, you'd better talk about businesses, not capital markets. Beacuse I don't think people at KPMG would care that much about capital market.

    Last peice of advice, be confident but not arrogant. To be honest, people working at KPMG, they're quite loose, hence they lack a little bit of professionalism compare to IB.

    I have 1st round interview next Tuesday so thanks for that; is useful to know

    Business topids - think sbox, the enron trial(& implications), overhyped bird flu that kinda thing. They wont give two hoots about IB stuff unless you're applying to CF.

    As for the 'lacking in professionalism compared to IB' - it's kinda like comparing chalk and cheese. That, and for a first round interview, the interviewers might only be 4 years older than you. I'd say that's a positive thing. It shows that you could be making pretty important yes/no decisons in 3 years...which means more to me than being interviewed by some head up arse senior management stiff... but each to their own.

    And as they're just ticking boxes about you (despite how important it is to you!), it's also an afternnon off work for them. I know i'd treat i as such...

    (Original post by brabzzz)
    Business topids - think sbox, the enron trial(& implications), overhyped bird flu that kinda thing. They wont give two hoots about IB stuff unless you're applying to CF.

    Sarbanes Oxley. It pretty much amounts to testing of internal controls within SEC registered firms (and their international branches). Or soemthing like that. It's to help ensure the massive corporate scandals of the past don't happen again - and super mind numbing and tedious for the poor bugger doing it.


    You don't need to know much more than what it is and why it exists.

    describe a current issue in the business world?

    could anyone told me how to answer this kind of question ? what topic would be suitable ? do i need to choose a company and make a research on it ? would they ask you more details during your talking ?
    any example answer for this kind of question ?

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