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Valid ID forms

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    So, I turn 18 tomorrow and want to go clubbing and be able to buy alcohol etc. (the joys) but don't have any valid ID as of yet.

    I don't have a passport; however, what I do have is my birth certificate - which I'm aware is unacceptable.

    Will applying for an NUS card be of any merit to me other than for discounts? Can I use it to gain access to bars and clubs and buy alcohol?

    I can't afford a provisional license, but are there cheaper, legitimate ID forms?
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    Right before anyone bulls**ts you the ONLY form of ID accepted by bouncers is a valid driving licence or a Passport (In date). If your female a paid of double D's would get you in other than that sorry no Please don't use your birth certificate, my friend brought that along with letters and a student ID pleaded with the bouncer for 20mins (He eventually let him in) got to the bar and ordered a drink and the bar lady asked for ID *Facepalm*

    Happy Birthday anyway!
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    Get a passport. Unless for the rest of your life you wish to remain in the cultural desert that covers much of the UK.

    You can use it for loads of other stuff too, nowhere is going to take a birth certificate as is. If I knew your name, place and date of birth, I could order your birth certificate for use myself.

    LOL, judging by the negs, some seem to be looking at my flag and interpreting it as a call to Irish nationalism.

    Truth is though, compared to the rest of the world, much of the UK IS a cultural desert, and I urge you to get out and see as much of it as you can, while you're still young.
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    Valid ID for age verification is passport/UK driving licence/PASS card.

    Getting a bouncer to accept a PASS card is like pulling teeth though.

    Nothing else is valid ID, and you'll be hard pushed to get them accepted anywhere. NUS cards, birth certificates etc, nuh uh.

    Although, if you're going out in Leicester, I got into Walkabout using a Holiday Inn card (completely white with a green arrow on), and into Liquid with my debit card.
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    A PASS card is valid ID but some bouncers don't like them so your safest bet is a driver's license or a passport. They cost quite a bit of money and take time to come through, though.
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    Is a provisional driving license counted as ID? I assume so but just checking
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    (Original post by ChrisA7x)
    Is a provisional driving license counted as ID? I assume so but just checking
    Yes it is.


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