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500 Things YOU Hate About FIFA

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    (Original post by Ruthless Dutchman)
    6. It's football

    7. It's football

    8. It's football

    9. It's football

    10. It's football

    11. It's football

    12. It's football

    13. It's football

    14. It's football

    15. It's football

    Guess that's cleared things up a bit?
    Why, just why did you even comment?
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    (Original post by hello1234567)
    People who actually think their better than you after scoring a jew goal !!!
    People who get annoyed at jew goals.

    They are goals, its in the back of the net, now get over it and learn to defend!
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    Being body checked, unable to take the free kick quickly, no booking and the CPU has every player to defend the free kick...
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    Playing against a team of French nationality and losing.

    Messi somehow managing to prance around everyone on his way to the goal

    Finesse shots.

    The constant fear of a header going in from a corner, which pretty much always happens
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    - Lobbed through ball abusers
    - People who feel the need to watch the entire introduction
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    People who derive satisfaction from celebrating.
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    I'm not gonna complain, it's one of the best football games ever (FIFA 11 + 12)
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    people that celebrate and playing with real or barca
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    Toooooo addictive. Ruins peoples lives ahahaha.


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Updated: March 8, 2012
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