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What did you do during your first lesson?

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    Wowsers! I kinda wish my instructor had of done that with me but I reckon it was so I didn't scratch his car, he had an audi a3! Which I must admit when you pass and have a clio, kind of an downgrade haha,

    Before my first lesson I had been out about 5 times with my dad, mainly spent getting used to starting the car without stalling, braking without stalling and changing gears smoothly.
    My first lesson consisted of the instructor picking me up and driving to a quiet country road. He pulled over at the side of the road and talked for about 20 minutes, drove up and down a few times then pulled over again for another 20 mins talk just to learn all the MSM stuff and hazard awareness. I then pulled out right onto a main road and drove home but it was a route I was familiar with anyway being about 10 minutes from my house.
    I found it really hard at first to get used to his car as it was a diesel as I was used to a petrol plus his brakes were so sensitive unlike my beat up old car whose brakes are dying a slow death I think I stalled about 6 times..EPIC FAIL. But the instructor was really nice, patient and clearly told me how I was going to progress lesson by lesson by what I was gonna tackle. Best thing is to remain calm, don't worry about what other drivers think-I really struggled with this and got sooo panicky if a stalled, worrying about what other drivers would think but at the end of the day you're a learner driver, you will make mistakes and know that even if some act like idiots

    (Original post by xev bellringer)
    As the question stands.
    I had my first lesson today, we went to a really quiet street, he then went through the gears and the handbrake, steering, pedals, windscreen wipers, indicators etc.
    Then after about 20 minutes he talked me through moving off - which I did - and then stopping - which I did.

    After that we drove down this long stretch of road which was about 2 miles, I did two roundabouts and then we drove back again. When we stopped he told me what I did well/what I needed to improve on and we drove round again

    It was reaaaally good!

    Paperwork, cockpit drills, so the 5 checks, door with left hand, adjust seat, mirrors, seatbelt and then checking the oil, or fuel, XD.

    Then there was moving at 5mph trying to get used to the car XD, concentrating on not to destroy anything and praying that no car will come in my direction. We had gone to a side road parallel to another road in a not so busy area.

    Briefly talking about the car and gearbox, finding the biting point, cockpit drill, moving off and stopping. I drove home in my second lesson, it was such a buzz!

    My instructor picked me up, drove me to an empty housing estate, whilst explaining the controls to me, and what to do at junctions/roundabouts etc. Then we swapped seats and I drove in squares for most of the hour, then eventually I had to go back to the place where I got picked up, and she let me drive there with her guidance, maybe got up to 4th gear!

    I passed my test in december

    My driving instructor talked me through the cockpit drill, the ancillary controls and the car for about 45 minutes, and then I spent the next hour and 15 mins practicing in 1st and 2nd gear up a straight road. Had to park up on the left and was introduced to the turn in the road manoeuvre straight away!

    spent about 40 minutes going through how the car worked and then cock pit drills.
    Then spent the last 20 minutes slowing driving up and down the road.
    I also nearly crashed into a gate


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Updated: March 19, 2012
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