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From fat to skinny-fat to awesome

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    Good progress and well done for making a positive change in your life.

    Make sure you're eating enough and getting enough sleep. Could be the reason you're sessions aren't going well sometimes, also eat more carbs before workout to give you the energy.
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    Thanks. I think I'm eating enough but you're probably right about the sleeping as I workout first thing in the morning sometimes getting enough sleep is tough.

    Wednesday 30/5/12
    Squats 102.5kg (5,5,5,1,3)
    OHP 35kg (3x5)
    Deadlift 87.5kg (1x5)

    Squats were hard.

    OHP was fine.

    Deadlifts were tough but I think I've sussed my problem. Before I wasn't letting go of the bar and resetting my form between reps, I was bouncing it of the ground, after doing a bit more research it seems it perfectly acceptable to reset form between reps without it being considered 5 lots of singles. What was happening before is my back was getting very rounded at around the third rep causing me to stop before I snap some ****. Hopefully I can now progress with this.
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    Friday 1/6/2012 Where the hell did June come from? :eek:
    Squats 102.5kg (5x5)
    Bench 57.5kg (5,5,3,2,1)
    BB Rows 52.5kg (3x5)

    Squats started out really hard but strangely the 5th set was relatively easy, maybe I wasn't going deep enough by then still I'll go for 105kg next time.

    Bench was hard from the word go 5 reps on the second set was a real challenge so I'm pleased I got that.

    Rows were good.
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    Sunday 3/6/2012
    Squats 105kg (5,5,5,5,2)
    OHP 37.5kg (3x5)
    Deadlift 90kg (1x5)

    Hard session but good session.

    Squats were very challenging but aftet the 4th set I was sure I was going to complete 5x5. I couldn't though. Oh well.

    Press was hard, I'm glad its only 3x5 now probably would have failed 5x5. Pleased to finally be able to attempt 40kg again next session.

    Deadlift was also hard but feels so much better now that I've seemingly sorted out my technique.
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    Wednesday 6/6/2012
    Squats 105kg (5x5)
    Bench 57.5kg (5,5,5,4,2)
    BB Rows 55kg (3x5)
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    Friday 8/6/2012
    Squats 107.5kg (5x5)
    OHP 40kg (3x5)
    Deadlift 92.5kg (1x5)
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    Sunday 10/6/2012
    Squats 110kg (5x5)
    Bench 57.5kg (5x5)
    BB Rows 57.5kg (3x5)

    Squats weren't really deep enough so I'll stick at 110kg.

    Bench took everything to get that last rep so pleased to be able to move on from 57.5kg.

    Rows were more like shrugs tbh, shall stick at 57.5kg next time.
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    Wednesday 13/6/2012
    Squats 110kg (5x5)
    OHP 42.5kg (5,5,3)
    Deadlift 95kg (1x5)

    Squats lacked depth again will try once more at 110kg then lower the weight if they don't improve.
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    Friday 15/6/2012
    Squats (5x5)
    Bench (5,5,4,4,3)
    BB Rows (3X5)

    Going to deload on the squats as they were shallow again.

    Could probably have got and extra couple of reps on the bench if I had a spotter.

    Rows were better this time, will increase the weight.
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    Sunday 17/6/2012
    Squats 100kg (5x5)
    OHP 42.5kg (3x5)
    Deadlift 97.5kg (1x5)
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    Wednesday 20/6/2012
    Squats 102.5kg (5x5)
    Bench 60kg (5,5,5,2,2)
    BB Rows 60kg (5x5)

    Cheated quite a bit with the rows tbh, shall stick to 60kg for now.
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    Friday 22/6/2012
    Squats 105kg (5x5)
    OHP 45kg (3,3,2)
    Deadlift 100kg (1x5)

    Not going deep enough on squats will keep it at 105kg.
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    Sunday 24/6/2012
    Squats 105kg (5x5)
    Bench 60kg (5,5,4,1,0)
    BB Rows 60kg (5x5)

    Squats need to be deeper. 105kg again next time.

    Bench was embarrassing. Will be deloading to 55kg, first deload on this lift.

    Rows were basically shrugs. 60kg again next time.
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    (Original post by Nikstar95)
    I'll still try harder .... do u think swimming after my gym session would help???
    Putting on weight will happen, you're building muscle in your legs from all the running and machines you use, plus extra from the crunches etc.
    Swimming is a really good thing to do, after your sesh depends on how 'hard' you plan to swim.
    If you want it as a detox thing the water relaxes your muscles nicely so you'll be less likely to strain anything. Plus I find it's a nice refreshing way to end the session.
    If you want it for cardio, you'd do well to cut some out of your gym session; intensive swimming for 30 minutes is the same as 45 minutes of running supposedly, not sure how accurate that is but I like the idea.
    Plus, you never see any swimmers without killer abs :P

    OP: How often did you go to the gym when you lost the 9 stone in 7 months?
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    I went 5 times a week.


    Wednesday 27/6/2012
    Squats 105kg (5x5)
    OHP 45kg (4,2,3)
    Deadlift 102.5kg (1x5)

    Squats weren't to depth, I was really cheating when I got up to 110kg before, I think. Will deload to 95kg and drop to 3x5.

    Press was ****ing hard. So were the deadlifts.
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    Friday 29/6/2012
    Squats 95kg (3x5)
    Bench 55kg (5x5)
    BB Rows 60kg (3x5)
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    Sunday 1/7/2012
    Squats 97.5kg (3x5)
    OHP 45kg (4,2,1)
    Deadlift 105kg (2)

    I think this is where I began cheating on squats they were hard to do to depth. Also possible the increased cardio I've been doing for the last week or so is taking its toll.

    I was expecting to fail the press, disappointing that it was worse than Wednesday though.

    Deadlift was insanely hard.

    Also I know I say this every month but **** me I can't believe its July, this year is flying by.
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    Wednesday 4/7/2012
    Squats 100kg (3x5)
    Bench 57.5kg (5,5,5,5,4)
    BB Rows (5,5,4)

    Disappointing today tbh. Squats weren't great so will keep it at 100kg.

    Bench getting weaker? I have upped the cardio for the last week and a half or so but thought I was eating enough to compensate will weigh myself tomorrow morning.
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    You've probably been asked this before but why is you squat>Dead?

    You're probably arent going deep enough.
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    Friday 6/7/2012
    Squats 100kg (3x5)
    OHP 40kg (3x5)
    Deadlift 105kg (1x5)

    Weight: 177lbs


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