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Mature student - Magee

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    I've recieved an unconditional offer to read Law at Magee this incoming September ) Although i'm looking forward to it i'm dreading being too old to fit in. Anyone else opting for law? Any other "ancient" students out there?! lol
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    I recieved an unconditional offer for Law also although not my 1st choice still waiting to hear back from other courses. I feel the same that it will be really young students and I wont fit in! Have you applied for any other courses at Magee?
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    Hello, I got an offer for law @ magee, and i was worrying about it also, so glad to see i won't be the only oldie
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    Hi, I know this was posted a couple of months ago but thought I would stop by and reply. Don't worry about being a mature student you will fit in no problem. I do not study law but my class is made up with mature students and students straight from school and everyone gets on great and to be honest there is no real difference. I also know a few other mature students on different courses and they are all fine. I think most people going to university feel they will not fit in but once you get there it's a complete different story and you will fit in just fine. Good luck
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    Cathyd1 i applied for english in Coleraine for which i also got an offer. Law was my first choice though. Have you decided what route you're taking?

    Hmmfd, have you accepted your offer?! September isn't far away

    @turn_it_off, thanks for reassuring us oldies I guess it's fear of the unknown which applies for all new students regardless of age. I hope you're enjoying your school holidays!


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