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Re: One big majestic cock-up... HELP!!

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    Sorry to jump in on this one!!! I applied for student Finance, but I didnt put in my passport details and Now I have found it i want to add them, The postal stuff is so long winded I justwanna get it ove and done with how do I sort this? am I able to create an new account? :/
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    Don't create a new account as this will cause numerous problems and delay your loans further. I'd check the application again, as it might let you put them in. Otherwise just go on the Direct Gov website student finance section and print off a UK passport details form. Complete this and send it in.
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    As said above, *do not* create a new account. You probably wouldn't be able to anyway, but honestly, doing so could screw you over big time. Just go through the necessary steps I'm afraid - we all know SF are usually pretty bad at what they do, but you won't be able to speed things up by cutting corners.
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    I think you can change you choice with a certain amount of time but you need to call UCAS.

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Updated: February 29, 2012
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