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Women/girls, how many children would you like?

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  • View Poll Results: Ladies, how many children would you like?
    No children
    4 or more children

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    I voted 0.
    Aren't I a terrible woman?
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    not as many as my parents for sure! i am the youngest of 6 :O

    apparently,because my father is a twin and my mother was a triplet,when it comes to me conceiving/carrying childrens i will have higher chance of multiple ;_;
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    It seems that people always say none when they are younger then they get older and it just happens. I reckon I'll have about 4. I'm an only child, I quite like it actually but since I don't have any brothers or sisters I'd like a bigger family for when I'm older.
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    I haven't voted as I'm a dude but for as long as I can remember I've always wanted two. A boy and a girl, with the boy 2-3 years older than the girl. The boy will be strongly encouraged to work out, so that by the time the girl is old enough to start dating, the boy will be manly enough to beat the crap out of any guys who dare to look at her
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    I voted one. I've found that, being one of two children, parents will tend to have a favourite child, something that's usually very obvious. I honestly can't see myself equally loving two or three different people, and would hate leaving any second child feeling neglected because of this. My sister and I never got on, and a lot of our arguments to this day are about my mother (and other members of our family) favouritng one over the other, and so on. Most of my childhood was spent playing with my cousins and friends; never my sister.

    That said, I'm only seventeen. We'll see how things stand ten years down the line
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    2 A boy and a girl.

    I'm an only child and I think it would be lovely to have siblings sometimes, so I would quite want more than one child.
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    I barely want one, and it only stands at one currently because of an arrangement I've come to with my boyfriend.

    I'm one of five, he's one of six. It's an absolute nightmare and I just find it complete chaos when it comes to Christmas, birthdays, family meals, etc. I never really got along with my siblings as a child, neither did my boyfriend, so I've always been fairly dead certain that I don't particularly want a child but if the time comes and I change my mind, it will only be one.
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    None cheers. Oh, the title sounded like you were selling some off.
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    I voted 4 or more I'm one of three, and I think an even number's better because there's less chance someone will be left out. It's also just me, my two teenage sisters and my mother at home: the positive is that we are incredibly, incredibly close and very open, but the downside is that the atmosphere can be almost stifling at times, because there's no privacy, and you can't just absent yourself from domestic life if you feel like it, leading to arguments as everything is balanced so finely. Therefore, I think having more children would be better, as they would learn to create their own community between themselves and us parents could stay out of it (hopefully I won't end up divorced too...), although my boyfriend does not agree :lol:
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    I'll be 27 in a couple weeks, and I definitely don't want any children. There are so many things I'd like to do in life, and children definitely just don't fit in with my dreams, nor do they at all feature in them. I'll be a really nice aunt, though.
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    I was an only child till I was 14.5 years old and it was good. Although now having a brother is quite interesting. As for me, I want 2 as well: a boy and a girl.
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    2 . A boy and a girl would be perfect, but either way, 2 seems like a nice amount.

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    (Original post by llessur123)
    It seems that people always say none when they are younger then they get older and it just happens.
    Breeders : Please please please STOP generalising and patronising us. Just because some women change their minds doesn't mean we all will.
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    (Original post by Botticello)
    Breeders : Please please please STOP generalising and patronising us. Just because some women change their minds doesn't mean we all will.
    As someone who wants to have kids, I'd just like to point out that I agree with this, it's so patronising.
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    I already have 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy. One of these days I'll find out what actually causes it.........
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    I'm an only child and, despite having begged my parents for siblings until I was about 11 (I stopped because I realised it wasn't possible for me to get an older siblings, additionally my parents got me a cat to shut me up), I love it. However I want a 3 kids; one child followed by twins.

    Obviously, this depends on how much money I earn etc.

    I plan on sending my kids to private school from 11+ (my parents sent me to one and I think it'll give them an advantage), so obviously to have 3 kids I'll have to earn the money to send them all to good schools and unis, on top of having to pay for extra curricular activities etc.

    However, if money wasn't a factor I'd definitely want 3 kids. Probably a boy first then 2 twin girls, or a girl first and mixed twins. But I really want a boy first, when I was younger I always wanted an older brother.

    I'd definitely settle for 2 kids though if whoever I ended up with didn't want 3 kids. I think I'd like a 3 or 4 year gap between them
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    no kids for me! I grew up with three other siblings so i know from personal experience how annoying kids are


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