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Women/girls, how many children would you like?

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    I'm still dubious about having children altogether. I don't really like them because most of the ones I encounter are little terrors. But I figured if I had a child of my own I'd probably soften a bit and hopefully I could bring it up to be a well-behaved child. If I do decide to have children, I'd be perfectly happy to have one - a girl, so we could have the same close relationship as I do with my Mum. Either that, or a girl and a boy.
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    2 but if they're both the same gender I'd be willing to go to three to try and get at least one of each, but I think I'd draw the line at 3 unless it turned out they're twins or something (I'm not exactly going to kill the second twin to come out just because I've already got 3 kids!) so I could end up with 4 . . . although there isn't a history of twins in my family so it's unlikely.
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    I don't really want kids.
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    (Original post by keepinorder)
    how could someone not want kids, they are sooo small and cute awwww
    Well you'd better start hoping for dwarfism because they're only small for a tiny proportion of their lives.

    Unless you're like me, who stayed small forever more. It ain't cute though.
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    I would love 4 but unless you fit one in the boot it would be quite hard to go for days out so... 3, ideally 2 girls 1 boy
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    Ideally 4, as I come from a family of 5 (3 sisters and a brother) and I love having so many siblings. Although it does help that we all get on so well! But I do have a feeling that I'll probably end up having less, as 4 might get a tad difficult as I also want a career!
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    (Original post by Doskey)
    I would love 4 but unless you fit one in the boot it would be quite hard to go for days out so... 3, ideally 2 girls 1 boy
    Or get a car with 6 seats?
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    0. I might adopt but I couldn't bring a child into this world lol.

    Though I do doubt my capacity to cater to a child's emotional needs etc. which is why I don't know if I'd adopt. I'm pretty awkward around them.

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    2. I want my children to have siblings, but any more than 2 would be too hard work, especially with a career. I might have my tubes tied after having 2 just like my mum did.

    Negative rep for considering having my tubes tied after having a few children? Why?
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    3 - 2 boys and a girl, ideally.

    This is going to require me overcoming my paralysing fear of pregnancy and childbirth, though...
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    To be frank, none. :erm: Don't get me wrong, I adore my baby sister, but I have no desire for a child of my own. And I have held this view for over 4 years now. I suppose only time will tell. :dontknow:
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    I would like a child or two early in life and maybe later in life (40's) I'd probably have another one. It depends. If I had a terrifying ordeal of child birth it would put me off. My mum had to have a blood transfusion after both me and my sister with a caesarean and she to be brought back to life with my younger sister.
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    Depends how much money I have, if I'm secure with my finances I'd love a big family. I want to be able to afford to give my children as many opportunities as possible, so if I could only do that for one child, then I'd only have one.
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    Two, because the way I see it is that if my partner and I have two children then we're helping to keep the population stable... Plus it's just a nice number to have
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    I'm not sure I satisfy the condition of "women/girls" but decided to vote anyway because I'm a bad person. I voted 3 because that is the number of kids I would like to have.

    Definitely want at least one of both genders. Boys are good for sports. Girls bring harmony to the family. All boys would be chaos. All girls wouldn't be so bad, but come on what guy doesn't want to have a son?
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    I know I'm not female, but I don't think the thread should be restricted as such. I would like too have either zero or two children. I have two siblings and the house just feels too crowded and noisy, so no more than two. Also, an only child could potentially cause problems so that narrows it down to zero or two.

    I've given this too much thought.
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    2 or 3 biological, if it's possible. And then fostering/adoption until I'm so old or broke they won't let me do it anymore.
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    I'd love to have 4 kids, but I want a career first so who knows if that'll leave enough time for children aha. I'm one of 4 children and although I complain about my siblings a lot I wouldn't change it at all
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    (Original post by alawhisp)
    2 or 3 biological, if it's possible. And then fostering/adoption until I'm so old or broke they won't let me do it anymore.
    Aw, bless, what a noble thing to do. You deserve rep for even having the courage to contemplate such a deed.
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    (Original post by NOBODY MOVE!)
    not as many as my parents for sure! i am the youngest of 6 :O

    apparently,because my father is a twin and my mother was a triplet,when it comes to me conceiving/carrying childrens i will have higher chance of multiple ;_;
    My friend has six children too, I don't know how he copes, he has to be constantly on the ball.

    I'd quite like three of four, but I'm not sure yet. Whilst I'd quite like them to be close I have two other siblings and I know full well that just because you are siblings it doesn't mean that you are close or spend any time together. Even when I was younger my siblings and I didn't really get on and would just play separately.


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