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Hair Issues

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    I want to curl my hair for a do at the weekend but I was practicing today but my curls look scurfy and they don’t stay in. I asked my hairdresser and she can do them really well, so it’s not my hair. But I do have these really good babliss curlers, so it just me does anyone have any tips or just talk me thought how to do it successfully please, I must be doing something wrong.

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    if you curl it and then curl up those curls and pin them with a kirby grip for a while that'll help them stay curly. (not the best explanation but hopefully you get what i mean) then hairspray them once you take them down? :dontknow:

    i haven't actually tried that myself cos my hair is already kinda curly but i think it's worked for other people, worth a shot.

    oh another thing, are you leaving the hair in the curlers long enough? that'll help them retain their shape
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    Use a tiny bit of hair spray before curling, that way the curls stay in better. or just use it after lol. hope that helps
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    My hair is a right pain in the bum to curl (really fine) but I've found that if I put plenty of volumising mousse in after washing it and then curling after drying it then it stays in pretty well. Also try to combine larger amounts of curled hair with smaller bits to make it look more natural. Giving your hair a blast of hairspray along with turning your head upside down and ruffling it about a bit works well too!
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    Volumising mousse, then how you actually curl depends on what look you want to achieve. For loose, but big volume (think Cheryl Cole's signature during X-Factor), use heated rollers. For curls where definition is key, go for tongs.


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