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Dundee Nursing applicants!

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    What kind of nursing have you applied for and have you got any offers yet?
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    Adult nursing and i have a conditional need 1 C at higher what about you, have you heard?
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    got my interview on monday
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    Had an interview on the 1st Feb and still heard nothing was told I would hear by the end of March.
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    had my interview on monday 2nd april, what did everyone think of there interview? anyyone heard bk?
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    I had mine there two. was horriable i hated it haha. got a unsuccessful
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    awk r u serious? when did you hear back? have you heard back from any other uni? were you in the first group?
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    I had my interview for adult nursing 23rd match and still waiting to hear back. Was told I should hear by end of march too. Interview very tough and very different from all the other interviews I've done. Probably won't hear anything now till after Easter! 😒
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    Yeahh i was in group one! . I heard back last night knew I was going to get unsucessful though because I found the interview so hard! Was pointless! haha Still not heard back from anywhere else got Napier on the 18th so finger crossed i get somewhere haha
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    i was in group one too dont worry maybe napier will be for you! good luck x
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    Good luck for the 18th!!
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    I got an unconditional to do Adult Nursing last month but I'm still trying to decide between Dundee and Stirling.
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    Yeah I hear lots of good things about Stirling. It's hard to decide!
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    I really want to go to stirling! but iv not heard anything from them since my interview back in january!
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    Why don't you give admissions team a ring .... It can't hurt!
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    Im at Stirling doing nursing. I would give admissions a ring it wont do any harm. I used to ring them up until they told me over the phone that I had a place lol, they can take their time in getting back to people.

    I also know loads of people that have gone to Dundee. The courses at Stirling and Dundee are very different.
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    Got an offer for Dundee... they want a C in a higher and C in int2 maths. Not feeling i'll be getting the C in maths!

    Got my stirling interview next week though. It's between staying at home in Dundee and Stirling if they offer me a place again... decisions!
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    (Original post by SeaBadgerOfDoom)
    I got an unconditional to do Adult Nursing last month but I'm still trying to decide between Dundee and Stirling.
    i got an unconditional offer also . i think im going to go
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    I've accepted my offer from Dundee! Is anyone else going to the Applicant's Day/Visit on the 26th?
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    i rang dundee today, they said i have an interview for mental health nursing but they dont know when it is yet? anyone else still waiting?


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