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Do you believe in Luck? Does it exist?

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    Thoughts? :confused:
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    :zomg: I thought you were Zaki for a moments... then I realised the lack of bold italics... thank god

    Anyway back on topic, I think it does simply as a feeling because it was unexpected and that event went in your favour. I don't think that anyone is making you lucky if that makes sense.
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    If you believe in it, it exists.

    Placebo affect
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    yea, except it doesn't.
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    Think it exists as a concept, but not as an actual thing if that makes sense. As in, we all know what luck is etc, but I don't think luck exists in that some are 'luckier' than others.
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    "I make my own luck" - Harvey Dent
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    Like some kind of magic force? Do jesters sitting on clouds administer this? Walk under a ladder, Sky jester takes note, Boom! a **** is placed in front of your oncoming shoe as punishment.
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    How can it not exist? If you flip a coin 10 times, and get heads every time, what is that? Surely 'luck' is just another way of explaining variance.
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    Yes, i can see him taking the colts to the superbowl in the future...
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    Luck is just a name given to highly improbable things happening in certain circumstances.
    It isn't countable and it's a very ambiguous concept.
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    Yes it exists, luck is chance.

    Good luck/Bad luck. It is completely separated from statistics, it is simply chance.

    Good luck charms and such are bull but luck as an intangible idea certainly exists.
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    No I don't believe in luck I think you make your own - i.e you work hard to make things happen and get a good result rather than you are just a 'luckier' person.
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    I believe in luck in the sense that, as Pasteur said, "Chance favours the prepared mind." Unless one is describing the past (e.g. "That was a lucky throw"), pure luck is entirely random by definition, and favours only those who are good at mitigating the bad and enhancing the good.

    Coincidences are also entirely random. The reason they occur so often is because, although each specific coincidence is an unlikely event, there is an absurd number of possible ones.
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    Depends on how you define 'luck'
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    (Original post by Zuki)
    Thoughts? :confused:
    Forgive my rudeness, but how is this a philosophical question? :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by cid)
    Yes it exists, luck is chance.

    Good luck/Bad luck. It is completely separated from statistics, it is simply chance.

    Good luck charms and such are bull but luck as an intangible idea certainly exists.
    I would say that luck as an idea does not exist. Luck is something subjective and relative to someone (the lucky one). As I see it, probability exists and luck is just a consequence of our subjective perception of it.
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    You make your own luck, which you're more likely to do if you believe in it
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    I believe in luck all right. This is just probability, either good luck or bad luck but either way it is luck.
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    Luck is like God. I'm not sure if it exists but I talk about it occasionally.


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