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Men's clothes for 2012?

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    Hey there, updating wardrobe and was looking for a few pointers. I've always stuck with bootcut jeans, hoodies, tees and trainers. Not a massive fan of skinny jeans & chinos etc. though I'm toying with the idea, I like just normal trainers instead of all these plimsoles/boat shoes etc. So apart from bootcut jeans what else would go with trainers? Cheers for any feedback.
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    Firstly, throw out the bootcut jeans. Hideous hideous things. Buy some straight legged ones. Much better.

    Please say you don't wear sports trainers out and about not good. Try some boots or desert boots or brogues. Or even (ew) high tops. Not trainers though.

    Seeing as it seems like you're just looking for stuff to chuck on, go for polo shirts. They're reasonably casual and look decent.

    Oh, and if you're gonna go for chinos, don't get the stupid drop-crotch carrot ones. Get some straight legged ones so you don't look like a complete chav.
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    Oh god. Ok thanks, looks like I've some work to do lol and I have K-swiss that I wear out yeah comfy and look better imo esp in summer than little gym shoes or whatever but up for a change. So would it be ok to go for these instead with chinos? http://www.riverisland.com/Online/me...ainers--254930

    As for brogues, too dressy for every day? High tops I agree, ew.. not wanting to look like One Direction. Desert boots maybe, but with chinos, do they sit on top or what lol? What about these? http://www.riverisland.com/Online/me...-boots--260532
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    I see you like shopping in RI. I work there and we've got so many new things coming in actually. Not advertising or anything, I'm just saying Hmm.. You might wanna try military/desert/road boots.. And yes, straight jeans are good if you don't want chinos, not skinny and not too lose either. Bootcut jeans are just soo :confused:

    For tops, why not try denim shirts or plaid shirts? The navajo prints and graphic tees are really nice too Hope I helped.
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    Thanks Chantelle, yeah I really like alot of RI's stuff. Will try denim shirts but obv have to get chinos first with denim on denim not being a good look. However, I did buy a nice shirt from there yesterday, think it'll be going back though as the dark bit looks too much like my jeans so kinda looks too samey altogether, what do you reckon? http://www.riverisland.com/Online/me...-shirt--257799


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Updated: February 29, 2012
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