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Which of the following do you consider to be the best uni?

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    I am a foreign student outside the UK and I am thinking of going on a semester abroad, preferably in the UK to continue my studies. I am reading for a degree in BA English and Anthropology but I intend on majoring in English. My choice of universities are the following:

    The Queen's University of Belfast, UK
    University of Sussex , UK
    University of Coventry, UK
    University of Essex, UK
    University of Exeter, UK
    University of Leicester, UK
    University of Southampton, UK
    Hope University, Liverpool, UK

    Which university do you suggest? x
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    In order,

    1) University of Exeter, UK
    2) University of Sussex , UK
    3) University of Leicester, UK
    4) University of Essex, UK
    5) University of Southampton, UK
    6) The Queen's University of Belfast, UK
    7) University of Coventry, UK
    8) Hope University, Liverpool, UK
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    1. University of Exeter, UK
    2. University of Sussex , UK
    3. University of Southampton, UK
    4. University of Leicester, UK
    5. University of Essex, UK
    6. The Queen's University of Belfast, UK
    7. University of Coventry, UK
    8. Hope University, Liverpool, UK

    I would say this in general but I don't know which is best for your subject area, I would suggest comparing a few league tables to get a better idea.
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    No Hope
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    I intend on majoring in English even though I am a student in English and Anthropology, my goal is to continue my Hons in BA English. Thanks x
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    For a semester abroad, the general reputation of the university is probably not that relevant, so it probably depends on what you want to get out of your time here. If you tell us that we can probably help guide you a bit more.

    However, bear in mind that Liverpool Hope & Coventry are what are known as Post-1992 University, seen by many as a 'second tier' of universities, although that may change in time.

    If you are interested in seeing a bit of the UK while over here, you should probably consider the location of the universities:
    • Belfast will make it more difficult if you wanted to visit the rest of the UK (but convenient for Ireland)
    • Sussex & Essex will probably make visits to London more practical.
    • Coventry and Leicester are more central for the country as a whole.
    • Liverpool is good for visiting the Northern cities/countryside, maybe Scotland.

    Maybe also think about the kind of town you want to stay in. Somewhere big like Liverpool or Belfast, or somewhere smaller like Essex.

    Sussex is quite a nice compromise between town and country and it's on the outskirts of lively Brighton, but also next to a National Park (albeit not the best one). Exeter is in a nice part of the country, but also stuck in a bit of a corner.

    On the whole I'd suggest Sussex or Exeter as your best options in terms of a good balance between facilities, location, surroundings and academics.

    Sussex probably has the overall best reputation.


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