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'Unite leader Len McCluskey calls for mass disruption of Olympics'

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    McCluskey acts like a fourteen-year-old upon discovering the Anarchist's Cookbook. Idiot. Bolshie, senseless agitator, and idiot.

    Yes, the Olympics aren't profitable, but they're iconic, and they're a rare point of nationwide appeal in this increasingly Balkanised country. (That description could just as well apply to the welfare state, now I think of it.)
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    The unions seem to be taking their PR advice from the Lib Dems.
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    (Original post by Llamageddon)
    It's a common misconception among the far left that the rest of the nation is begging to be 'liberated' from our government. We elected Cameron, not McCluskey, and he should well remember that.

    I care little for the olympics but doing this would be just plain stupid and probably justify more draconian legislation against trade unions, further weakening their position and influence.
    We didn't elect any Prime Minister, that is done in deals and talks after we have voted.
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    (Original post by chrislpp)
    We didn't elect any Prime Minister, that is done in deals and talks after we have voted.
    Yes yes, I know we elect MPs who then set up a government that happens to have a PM in it and that in reality the only people who voted for DC are the ~30k in his safe Oxfordshire seat, but my intention was to make a statement about the governments democratic legitimacy relative to that of McCluskey without writing a sodding essay to qualify every last word.
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    What an idiot.

    He will have created more enemies than friends by even announcing he'd try and do it.
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    (Original post by ish90an)
    The unions seem to be taking their PR advice from the Lib Dems.
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    (Original post by ForensicShoe)
    'Unite leader Len McCluskey calls for mass disruption of Olympics'

    "Britain's biggest union threatened to disrupt the London Olympics last night as part of its battle against cuts to public sector pensions.

    Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite, urged other unions opposing the Coalition's pension plans and George Osborne's austerity measures to target the Olympics.

    In a dramatic escalation of the dispute, he also called on the public to back the unions by engaging in "all forms of civil disobedience within the law" – including during the Games."


    Good or bad move?

    I'd like to ask him what he means by "all forms of civil disobedience within the law"...
    From his point of view, it makes sense to threaten that. That is, if he's sure the government will back down - one side will have to, since a strike really can't happen and announcing it now only ensures a ton of them will be fired if the government erroneously calls their bluff.
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    Ahhh meet Red Robbo of the 21st century.

    A bloody stupid idiot who could only be hell bent on destroying the country just like his idiotic predecessors did in the 70s..

    My guess is they will be happiest when the entire country becomes a British Leyland, sometimes it doesn't seem too far fetched to say that Hitler did less damage than those damn scoundrels of the unions.
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    Len is for the high jump
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    The public sector lost all sympathy I had for them when the main bins in my part of the town went uncollected for a month because of the strike last year on collection day. There was rubbish piling up and blowing around everywhere. Instead of rescheduling the collection or coming the following week and skipping the recycling bin they just let the stuff rot and overflow.

    So in short they can **** off.

    And while I don't care about the Olympics doing this will only gain my support for the government to severely weaken the power of these unions. This country is a democracy and the Conservatives are in power not Unite. We do not do what Unite demands. I'm not even a Conservative supporter but as a believer in democracy you can't give in to what people like Unite demand.
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    (Original post by meenu89)
    Great news just when the spotlight will be on us :rolleyes: Idiot.
    lol and to think that we were outraged when tibet protestors were stopped from being able to make a stand at the beijing olympics


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