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Shopping annoyances

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    (Original post by Emmanuel321)
    In fairness many companies have the policy where staff have to approach as many customers as possible. I've seen it from both sides where I'm approached and I'm made to approach, it makes you realise that they aren't just doing it to be annoying.
    yeah true. they're just doing what they've been told but god man it's annoying. phone shops are the worst because they're all after some commission, so you get pounced on the second you walk through the door.
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    I have to admit my biggest pet peeve while shopping is when staff have a nice chat in the middle of serving you! Or even worse instead of serving you! :P
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    Small talk the cashiers give
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    1) People standing really really close to you in the queue

    2) The self service checkout always saying 'unexpected item in the baggage are' I always have to call the assistant about 10 times during my transactions

    3)Narrow isles wide enough for only one person to pass who has stopped to browse therefore that whole isle is now out of use. So you just have to wait or come back to that isle later.
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    people who block aisles
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    I'm very much a speed shopper, I go in, get what I want, and leave promptly. It annoys me greatly when people hold me up by trundling around slowly, dithering about as though they're in a trance.
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    I was just in Sainsbury's and noticed a pack of chewing gum in one location marked at £2.35, and in another for £2.05... ended up not getting any at all! (it was £1.49 a few months ago! Silly inflation!)
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    People with their pushchairs powering through the town centre expecting you to jump out of the way for them.

    You're not special!
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    (Original post by tehforum)
    It's what you get for shopping at Hollister.

    It's not my fault! I hate the people that work at Hollister because they treat me like crap but their jeans are a perfect fit!
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    Something that I really dislike is when you are being served at the till, and their mate from the other comes over for a chat, and they stand and chat for ages, ignoring you, and they end up being really slow with scanning things ect! I find it pretty rude, have a chat on your next break, not when you are supposed to be doing your job, I have better things to do than wait around for you to finish your chat!
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    People with no shame who stroll around and let their kids wreak havoc in the store trashing the place without acknowledging it.

    People who knock things over and look at the staff as though to say "yeah, pick it up".
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    Parting with my money.
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    Oh, and another one: when you see a cashier behind the till and go to pay, only for them to say, "I'm not at the till". Yes, you are!
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    Having the security guard at Tesco accuse you and your friend of stealing sandwiches, and then asking for a receipt as proof of purchase, proceeding to then check that your bag doesn't have anything other than what is on the receipt. This is why although M&S is more expensive, the staff there are always much nicer and more helpful, so I prefer to go there.
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    I don't like shopping in general but..

    1. When you're looking at something, then someone else comes and stands and looks at you until you move so they can have a look. I mean really...I don't want to be pressured to move just because someone else wants to look at the same thing!

    2. People who are just plain ignorant. If you're looking at something and they just barge past you without so much as an "excuse me", manners cost nothing.

    3. People who congregate in the most inconvenient places for a chat e.g Middle of aisles, in front of tills and generally anywhere that makes any kind of shopping that wee bit more difficult.
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    Old biddys that meander around the aisle and are psychic to your intentions. I'll overtake on the left, move to the left. I'll go to the right, move to the right!!

    And agree with most of the above, especially the self-service checkouts playing up and people not moving the hell out the way when they can see you wanting to pick something off the shelf!
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    I hate shopping in general.
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    Shopping in Dubai. Supermarket is ok but anything else, you can't so much as walk into a store without a sales assistant following you round the whole store when you just want to browse freely and look at the items and compare by yourself. I often get approached in Russian just because I'm oh so white and even when I reply in English that I'm just looking, I will be followed round the store so closely that I can even feel their breath on my skin, whilst they try to sell me every item in there. Even in Boots, when I have a basket in my hand and put an item into the basket, sales assistants will continue trying to sell that product to me... I hate shopping in Dubai :-(


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