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Swansea University International Business

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    Hi guys, I have received a Conditional Offer to study International Business Management (N.America) at Swansea University in September 2012. I haven't been to look around the University yet as I live about 5 hours away, but I am planning to visit in April. Basically I'm looking for anyone who goes to the University to tell me what its like (pros and cons).

    Any info would be great! Thankyouuu!
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    Im applying there as well and all I can say is that they have a beer pong society Seems like a lovely place from all that ive heard. Whereabouts do you live now?
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    I Think you have just sold the University to me . I live just outside of Manchester from the pictures and the reviews of the Uni it seems a really nice place. Just need to visit it and find out for myself.
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    I can't wait to visit! Ive really only heard good things about it. And my lecturer recommended the place and everything. Heard that the nightlife is good as well. Ahh Manchester. That's not too far from here.
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    I've had a conditional offer for the same course in Swansea and the uni itself is amazinggg! It's literally on the beach and it has a really nice lawn in front of Fulton house that everyone chills on in the Summer, and the nightlife is up there in the top 2 of the UK along with Newcastle, just got to get the grades now
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    Just finished the first year in Swansea. Great place, drinks and housing are dirt cheap compared to other places.
    Wind street is the place to be
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    Did everyone get in?

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