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Christianity to heal

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    Would becoming a Christian help with insecurity and anxiety?
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    (Original post by cherrypie)
    Would becoming a Christian help with insecurity and anxiety?

    You can't be a Christian unless you truly believe without any doubt, that Jesus died for all sin and God raised Him from the grave.
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    That's not a good reason to become a Christian. However, if you want to solve your problems by deluding yourself, be my guest.
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    It's up to you if you want to live a life of delusion*. If it helps you get better, then yeah.

    *I mean deluded in the sense that you would be believing in God for the sake of your mental health, not that you actually believe which is what you're supposed to do.
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    (Original post by cherrypie)
    Would becoming a Christian help with insecurity and anxiety?
    Dear OP.

    I'm afraid that Christianity will not instantly make anyone a perfect well-adapted and happy person. It is, after all, not a self-help program that is about overcoming personal foibles, but a faith for the community of sinners that come before the face of God in order to forgive and be forgiven, to love and be loved. In that way, Christianity is not about personal growth at all. However, I would be lying if I said that no one feel strengthened by their faith in God, and find great comfort in faith together with the rest of the faithful in their church.

    The most important thing, OP, is that God loves you unconditionally. He loves you as if you were the only human being in existance. God loves you not because you are strong, pretty, powerful, morally upstanding and clever, even though you may well be all that. God loves you because you are his child, and he is your father.

    If you feel a longing for God, your father, then I suggest that you visit a church and join the worship there, talk to the believers there and their pastor/priest.
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    There's no point in denying that some Christian organisations do genuinely help people in need by convincing them to change their lifestyle and make them feel better about themselves, and that's a good thing, but the people who are helped by these charities are usually uneducated and suggestible, often homeless people who are in a bad way. Being told that there is someone out these who loves them and who is looking after them, being told everything will be OK if they clean up their act, is what these people need. I'm guessing you are not this sort of person OP. You cannot just become a Christian, because to do so without genuine belief will not offer you the comfort and solace many religious people do find. You do not need to pretend to be religious to feel more confident.
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    Cherrypie. If there's ANYONE who can tell you about anxiety, it's me. I used to suffer a lot from anxiety, particularly during classes (even if there was no exam). I'm pretty clever myself, but the anxiety always blocked the flow of my thought. When you focus on God, 100%- without a doubt- your anxiety will be cured. I'm so sure, because I'm a living example. God has taken a lot of my anxiety away- at least 95%, and in about three days! You see, there are some things, which by human effort, you cannot change alone. However, with God's power, anything is possible. And I mean it. Believe Cherrypie. But it's not about God working for you- you've got to want God's kingdom first. And that takes commitment. Being a Christian can be difficult, but it will always pay off.

    God bless you. I pray that God's will be done in your life.
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    go and see a psychologist. if that doesn't work go to a doctor or psychiatrist and get some beta blockers or SSRIs.
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    lol thread is like saying cancer to cure
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    (Original post by cherrypie)
    Would becoming a Christian help with insecurity and anxiety?

    Have a listen to the testimony of Steve Carr, 40% down.
    (the rest are also relevant).

    We live in a "shifting sand" world, looks nice, like the little pigs who build their houses from straw or sticks, but ...
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    It's not a good reason to become a Christian, you don't just suddenly become one without believing all the Christian stuff. Becoming one for those reasons wouldn't really make you a Christian. So the best solution: agnostic atheism FTW


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Updated: March 4, 2012
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