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If you had a baby now

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    (Original post by Megaross)
    I feel sorry for some peoples kids on this forum. Seriously, double barrelled first names? Thats so tacky.

    I do like some Irish names; but given the issue I have with saying and spelling them, not a good idea.
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    (Original post by nattbat_123)
    May be tacky but you dont know how you will feel when you become a parent, if you had of asked me 2 years ago I wouldnt have chosen these names but when you have to compromise on names with your partner then maybe you will change your mind, my double barrels are so my mum and dad will live on with my kids
    Thing is you see so many chavs calling their kids stuff like "Jade Rihanna" and "Kevin craig" and all sorts of other **** combinations though.

    Personally I'd rather see my parents live on as memories and tales of the good times told to the next generation but each to their own.
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    If it was a girl, probably Lexi, Ebony or Iris. Yeah, weird-ish names. -_- I'm not sure about boys names. Matt?
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    girl: Olivia, Ava, Isabelle, Jessica
    boy: Sebastian, Rueben
    either: Jesse
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    (Original post by Amandeep_Psych07)
    Aman. :sexface:
    haha! love that name!
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    (Original post by HumiT)
    Girl: Ayesha
    Boy :dontknow:
    Ayesha is a lovely name
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    Boy: Jesse
    Girl: Isobel
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    Daughter: Elizabeth
    Son: George
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    (Original post by arbaaz)
    haha! love that name!
    Same. It's annoying when people call me A-man-deep though.
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    (Original post by Plumstone)
    girl: Pandora
    boy: Endymion

    (I like Greek myths)
    Please don't name your son Endymion.
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    (Original post by Amandeep_Psych07)
    Same. It's annoying when people call me A-man-deep though.
    true.. or have nickname like AD or AP which people can call you. I know someone who is called KK. It sounds really cool But if I did call my kid Aman (early days here people) I don't think they'd be able to mispronounce it (or at least I hope not)!

    I also like the name Raj but you can't have a child with that name here. They'd get bullied really bad. Shame really... it's a lovely name.
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    I have always liked the name Chloe for a girl. I haven't got a clue about if it was a boy though... Maybe Nathan because I was nearly called that.
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    (Original post by pedokennedy)
    Please don't name your son Endymion.
    Why?:confused: There are far worse names I could think of... it's not like I'm planning to call him (my non-existent son) Astyanax.
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    (Original post by Bright.Inspiration.)

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    i would name my first born, Castolo, irrespective of its sex.
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    (Original post by Fragile_Illusions)
    If I had a girl, I'd name her Emmeline and if I had a boy, I'd name him Hugo.

    .. my children will probably be bullied
    I loooooove the name Emmeline

    I would end up using more old fashioned names as well though. I love the names Olivia/Oliver, Christopher, Elizabeth, Isabelle, Nathaniel, Catherine (or Katherine) Daniel, Andrew, Louisa, Anthony. Yeahhh a few long names, but it means more nicknames, so the child can choose what they want to be called themselves
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    Girl: Lucy.(Maybe Sam, but not Samantha)

    Boy: Sam.
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    Blake for a boy, Romana for a girl
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    (Original post by Plumstone)
    Because children can be very cruel.


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