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If you had a baby now

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    (Original post by BritGirl)
    What do you mean by worst students and average? Not sure what you're going on about......
    worst students as in they don't strive to be the best in class :/ content with mediocrity or lower.
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    I've been watching way too many American sitcoms lately so for a girl Penny and a boy Barney.
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    (Original post by Persephone9)
    Haha, Dr. Harris is good, you need something nice and simple, and not just in care of the elderly :P Because my Indian surname is well... very Indian, and I'm mixed race but very fair (as in I wear lighter foundation than some of my white friends) people can get very confused.
    That's certainly an upside to Harris!
    Well at least you can say that you are an enigma...
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    Boy: Isaac or Caleb
    Girl: Erin or Evanie or Aderyn
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    (Original post by Lyde)
    Out of interest, does anyone ever use their middle name? Our three have them, but aside from their birth certificates, I don't think I've ever used them since! We gave them fairly traditional middle names in case they decided to use that instead as adults - Rose, George and James as opposed to Sophia, Flynn and Henry.

    I can remember a lad at school used his middle name instead of his first name, and his older brother did the same thing, so they ended up with each other's names. They were James Tim and Tim James respectively...confusing!
    I know a guy who does this. His first name is George but he goes by his middle name, Max.
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    Girl: Hayley, Juliana, Sophie, Eva, Alaina

    Boy: Jamie, Austin, Tyler, Liam
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    *Getting my diary with baby names*

    For a girl, either; Olivia, Henrietta, Pauline, Filippa, Ingrid, Annabelle.
    Used to like "Petra", but now I only associate it with that vulgar Ecclestone daughter.

    For a boy, either; Jacob, Erik, Oscar, Philip.
    Depends also on the father's nationality.

    I know all girls say they want a girl, but I really want a boy. Ahh getting broody.
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    Girl: Jennie
    Boy: Brandon
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    Definitely an Irish name to go with my Irish surname (Kinsella)

    so possibly:
    girl: Aoife
    boy: Finn
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    (Original post by Bright.Inspiration.)

    But OP, if it was a boy, then Aryaan or Aarav & if it was a girl then Mallika or Antara
    (I'm Indian by the way, hence the odd names )

    EDIT: who is going around negging everyone suggesting non-English names? Don't hate for no reason.

    EDIT: I didn't mean to offend anyone by suggesting the name Aryaan - it's a normal name in India, and is derived from the Sanskrit ārya meaning 'Noble'. It has nothing to do with Nazi ideology. I'm sorry if I offended or hurt anyone.
    We have enough Indians as it is. Please don't have children.
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    I like Silas, Oliver, or Conor for boy.
    Lilian, Anaís, or Audrey for a girl.
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    If it's a boy: Sufjan
    If it's a girl: Lilija

    I happen to like weird names. My name is rather obscure and I was never bullied because of it!
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    Girl: Nathalie, Scarlett, Lucy, Saoirse ('Seer-shuh'), Bianca

    Boy: Luca, Bailey, Finn, Jude
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    (Original post by Alotties)
    Boy: Isaac or Caleb
    Girl: Erin or Evanie or Aderyn
    Yay Welsh :awesome:

    As long as you pronounce it right!
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    Jacob for a boy, Micaela for a girl
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    Felix, Henry, Stephen, Beatrice or maybe Bellatrix.
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    (Original post by sarahthegemini)

    I really like the name Olivia or Erin for a girl. For a boy, I like the names Oliver Cory, and Josh.
    The same reaction my Mum and brother had...threathened to take away my future children if I gave my future son the name Serpentine loool. I like it :'(
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    (Original post by Beebumble)
    a boy Barney.
    Whenever someone says that, I always think of the purple dinosaur.
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    Shaniqua.... girl or boy
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    Whenever someone says that, I always think of the purple dinosaur.
    I loved Barney the dinosaur when I was a kid.


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