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If you had a baby now

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    (Original post by Ruta V)
    what's with the double names these days?...
    I maybe wouldn't have before, but George was my boyfriends papa's name and Julie was my grans name, so we wanted to carry on their names and have the children remember them, even though they'll never meet them
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    (Original post by ccxo)
    not funny :sleep:
    Aw, bless. And how long did it take you to find that smiley?

    Being serious now:

    Boy: James
    Girl: Madeline
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    I'd leave up to the adoptive parents to name them....
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    Flora Sophie Anne
    Fiona Margaret
    Kathlyn Eliza
    Wendy Alison


    William Dale
    Duncan Hugh
    Matthew George
    Davey Roderick
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    (Original post by Ra Ra Ra)
    Eileen Dover.

    It's how she was conceived

    Better call mine Ben Dover then

    EDIT: on a serious note, i wouldnt know.
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    If its a girl Phoebe
    If its a boy Phoebo
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    The 'mondra' is silent.
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    Hmm I like the following names: girl: Violet, Heather and Angelica- I like more lol but those are my favourite. For a boy: Crispin, Serpentine, Tolliver Marcus. I love old/unusual names
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    boy: mohammad
    girl: mohammad
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    Daphne. For a boy maybe Liam but it's too common now.

    Begged for my opinion on names? Lol.
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    If they were twins, salt and pepper
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    Martha/Zack. I like good strong names. I did like Amelia but it's a bit flowery and four syllables is too damn much.
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    (Original post by arbaaz)
    too young to have kids right now..
    but names i like are :
    if a girl: shonali, rhea
    if a boy : rohan, aman, armaan

    these are indian names incase anyone is wondering
    ooo I like Armaan
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    Boy: Akshay Kalair II (Akshay means invincible/immortal and it also is my name) or Akky Kalair or Achal Kalair (Achal means constant).
    Girl: Aziza Kalair (Aziza means a friend) or Bela Kalair (Bela means jasmine) or Ela Kalair (Ela means Earth).
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    (Original post by Angelic_Suzette)
    Hmm I like the following names: girl: Violet, Heather and Angelica- I like more lol but those are my favourite. For a boy: Crispin, Serpentine, Tolliver Marcus. I love old/unusual names

    I really like the name Olivia or Erin for a girl. For a boy, I like the names Oliver Cory, and Josh.
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    If it's a girl, then:

    Lilly Anne, Charlotte, Chloe or Sarah.

    If it's a boy, then:

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    Giro or Giroette.
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    I would name my son yomoma that way he will be tough...
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    girl:Liyanna , eliza or hanna.
    boy: harris


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Updated: April 20, 2012
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