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If you had a baby now

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    (Original post by Charlie Chaplin)
    If it was a Boy: Joshua George
    If it was a Girl: Sophia Julie
    I like the name sophia julie
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    If I have boys, they're being George Dylan and John David. Not sure about girls. (I want to give each of my kids a gender-neutral middle name, too, so they can use that if they ever want to.)
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    (Original post by Ra Ra Ra)
    Eileen Dover.

    It's how she was conceived
    haha original
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    (Original post by Fragile_Illusions)
    If I had a girl, I'd name her Emmeline and if I had a boy, I'd name him Hugo.

    .. my children will probably be bullied
    Hugo Boss :cool:
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    For a girl: Cora
    For a boy: Harry

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    boy: lala
    Girl: Popo
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    Id name my child junior only so they can name theirs junior junior (just to see how far it goes)
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    Girl: Grace or Zoie or Geneva or Victoria
    Boy: :dontknow: maybe I'd call him Michael
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    Isla or Mia for a girl
    Oliver or Toby for a boy
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    Male- Heath, Hugo or Tarquin.
    Female- Dahlia, Ophelia or Penelope.

    I love them!
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    Boy: Alexander
    Girl: nothing in mind, maybe Helena or Michelle
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    If I had a baby now, I'd wonder 1) How/when she/he was conceived and 2) How I miraculously skipped the nine months of pregnancy...

    But... alex for a boy, lily for a girl
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    Girl: Joy
    Boy: Jeremiah
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    Boy: Farris Laurent Micael
    Girl: dunno
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    (Original post by Charlie Chaplin)
    If it was a Boy: Joshua George
    If it was a Girl: Sophia Julie
    Good choice of girl's name, my daughter is Sophia Rose
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    Boy or Girl: Castiel, angel of Thursday. Yeah, from Supernatural. I think it's a really pretty name

    ...I like the name Obi-Wan Kenobi too actually. Come to mummy, kids...
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    (Original post by daisydaffodil)

    Flora Sophie Anne
    Fiona Margaret
    Kathlyn Eliza
    Wendy Alison


    William Dale
    Duncan Hugh
    Matthew George
    Davey Roderick
    You have excellent taste in names! I love all of those. Particularly the boy names, and particularly William Dale and Davey Roderick.
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    Lily Clare or Alice Clare
    (Clare as a middle name would be a definite, for personal reasons. I love the name Alice fractionally more than Lily, but it's not the best choice with my lisp.)

    Less sure. I like Adam, Aaron, Nathan and Rowan, not sure on middle name.
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    I'd just call it The Baby


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