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If you had a baby now

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    Boy: One
    Girl: One
    Twins: Name one of them One and sell the other one on ebay giving each of them a medallion so they can find each other one day in some heart wrenching story

    Sigh. It would be so much easier to number my children (if I even have any). Or maybe serial numbers...hmmm.
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    If it were PURELY up to me, without my husband's input.....

    Girl : Xena or Athena or Cecilia/Cecelia

    Boy : Gabriel or Alaric or Sebastian or Arthur

    but if my husband had anything to do with it, he'd say no to all of those names. He'd have no suggestions whatsoever for a girl, and for a boy he'd insist on Quinn

    (can you tell we've done this before? lol. Quite how we settled on the names for our three kids I shall never no. It was hard work!)
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    Boy: Connor, Oliver or William
    Girl: Alexia, Georgia or Lacey
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    Girl: Fiona Anne Charlotte

    (Fiona was my grandmothers name and it's just a lovely one in my view, and for the middle names, I have two so they will as well and Anne is a traditional middle name in my family and Charlotte is my mother name)

    Boy: Aaron James Oliver

    (Aaron, I just like it, it's traditional so they won't get taken the mick out of but it's not so common that three other boys in their class will be called it. James is again a traditional family middle name and Oliver is my grandfathers name)
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    Slightly off topic but my auntie works in social work and she has to visit some pretty dyer area's, she says some of the parent's call their baby's after celebs and one she visited last week was called , "Wayne Rooney". Another one she has come across named their baby "Elvis Presley" . Completely unrelated to their family name also, what were they thinking :facepalm:
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    boy: yusuf or zaid
    girl: maaria or iqra (not really sure though)
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    girl: Pandora
    boy: Endymion

    (I like Greek myths)
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    the tron.
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    Girl: Grace
    Boy: Liam or Glenn
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    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    If it were PURELY up to me, without my husband's input.....

    Girl : Xena or Athena
    This is brilliant I won't steal the names, but kleos/kudos to you, depending on how ancient Greek you are!
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    (Original post by Bright.Inspiration.)

    But OP, if it was a boy, then Aryan or Aarav & if it was a girl then Mallika or Antara
    (I'm Indian by the way, hence the odd names )

    EDIT: who is going around negging everyone suggesting non-English names? Don't hate for no reason.
    Aryan ftw. :five:

    If I had a boy: Arya or Shaan
    If I had a girl: Aria or Sakina
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    Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk And The Flash Combined
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    Girl: Chloe or Sophie
    Boy: Joseph or Benjamin (shortened to Joe and Ben most of the time but I would always want my kids to have the 'full' version of any name so that they could choose for themselves how they want to shorten it really!)
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    Girl: Abbie / Abby - How ever you wanna spell it.
    Boy: James - Simples and goes with all ages of person
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    Girl - Eliza Naomi

    I love the name Eliza and Naomi was my mum's name (it also has the same meaning as my bf's mum's name, so two birds with one stone if I end up having a child with him).

    Boy - Simon Alexander

    Love the names and it means 'Listening Warrior' which I think is pretty cool.

    I quite like names though (not just for potential children) I like finding the meanings, why a person was called that, its origin etc.

    If I were braver I might call a child Artemis and/or Athena, because I like the names and the goddesses. But I am not that brave.
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    (Original post by arbaaz)
    too young to have kids right now..
    but names i like are :
    if a girl: shonali, rhea
    if a boy : rohan, aman, armaan

    these are indian names incase anyone is wondering
    Aman. :sexface:
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    (Original post by Plumstone)
    This is brilliant I won't steal the names, but kleos/kudos to you, depending on how ancient Greek you are!
    haha you can steal them if you want, it's not like I'm going to be using them sadly. I already have three kids and we're not having any more.

    I do have a bit of an ancient Greek thing going on I must admit :


    though they're sort of conventional as opposed to Xena and Athena.
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    (Original post by Glow in the dark)
    LMAO. :rofl:


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