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advantages and disadvantages of distance learning

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    In your honest unbiased opinion what would you say are the three main advantages and three main disadvantages (comparing it to going to a 'bricks and mortar uni') of studying distance learning. I don't think there is anywhere near enough information about it in the public eye in general.
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    Hi there GN, great to hear from you

    This is a difficult one as there are positives and negatives for both in my totally unbiased opinion!

    1) You learn how to manage your own time so you get better at prioritising and committing yourself - it's all about self motivation really
    2) You study when it suits you as you don’t have to attend tutorials every day so you can get your career up and running at the same time
    3) You can get help when you need it via the online forums, email and telephone, rather than having to wait to see your tutor

    1) You don’t have as much physical contact to build relationships with peers
    2) You have to be very dedicated and self motivated to manage your study time and life
    3) You probably get to move away from home and experience student digs, beans on toast, shared toilets…!!

    Kind Regards
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    Great - this is really useful. Thank you!


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