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How do I help a previously owned hamster settle into a new home?

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    I'm adopting a hamster from someone, he'll be staying in his own cage which will help, but obviously I will be new to him and so will his environment. I know when you get a hamster from a pet shop you should leave them in their cage for a couple of days so they can settle down, would this be a good idea in this situation? Anything else which might help? Thank you!
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    if you want him to get used to your smell then carry a bit of kitchen roll or unbleached loo roll around with you all day, then put it in his cage

    hand feed him too

    tbf ive found that once a hamster is tame they take to anyone really quickly, my little shearer didnt mind at all getting picked up from my mam and when we adopted slingshot although he was slightly jumpy he didnt need taming at all

    we got a one from the pet shop the other week, brought him home and my OH had him on his hand within 30 mins lol
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    (Original post by tinktinktinkerbell)

    we got a one from the pet shop the other week, brought him home and my OH had him on his hand within 30 mins lol
    any chance your hammie was a boy?

    I only say because a friend of ours got a hammie and was able to hold him near enough straight away.
    However, when we got ours, i had decided to follow the advice of the pet store and keep her in her cage, but when our friend came over that night they said oh its fine, took her out and nearly lost her as Gem went mental and tried to leap out of his hands! and then was shaking for AGES after!
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    Hamsters, like all animals, will have their own personality. While some will have a bad temperament, others will be extremely friendly and will just need to get used to you. I have never really followed the "leave the hamster alone for a few days" advice. I generally stick the hamster in it's cage and allow it to rest. At night, when the hamster is awake, I will start to interact with it - I have never had any problems with this.

    What is the hamster like with it's current owners? The chances are that if it is a friendly little thing with them, it will be with you!
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    I've never had hamsters, but I looked after my Uncle's rats for a while when he went away. I don't know if you can or if your hamster will want to, but when I got the ratties back to my house I just let them roam free (it was in a safe room, no wires, other animals etc). They enjoyed being able to explore and figure out where they were After that I just made sure I handled them lots (though it depends on if they enjoy that or not)and spoke to them loads. Hopefully this is applicable in some way to your hamster. Enjoy
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    He turned out to be a very friendly little guy, settled in instantly. I built up his trust by feeding him out of my hand to start with
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    Just let them roam and treat them good


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