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Married before having a baby?

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    Who thinks that this should always be the primary aim?

    I personally dont believe in people having children if not married.
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    Personal choice. I don't believe in marriage because I think love and commitment are things that don't need a paper contract.
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    For me, it's not about whether we'd be married or not, it'd be more about if we were at that part of our relationship where we'd make such a commitment and we'd be able to support having a baby.
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    Stable, loving, committed relationship - yes.
    Marriage, at the end of the day, is just some people's way of expressing they have that. Just a piece of paper.

    However, it's not always possible, and single parents can make just as good parents - often even better ones than the unhappily married who may be always fighting.

    Being married does not automatically make you a good parent, and not being married does not automatically make you a bad one.
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    I think it is personal choice. Marriage isn't always forever, and how different is it really, than a couple in a stable loving relationship, that can provide for that child? (Apart from the obvious, public ceremony with dress/piece of paper/party )
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    I would personally like to be married before I eventually have children, but thats just because I'm super idealistic and actually think love is a bit of a fairytale. I'm sure it'll get knocked out of me sooner or later!

    It's personal choice though really, I was 2 when my parents got married and my sister was a baby... so yeh, I have nothing against it. Life doesnt always go to plan either so even if you'd like to be married you might not be!
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    I think it's personal choice.

    For me, I wanted to be married before having a baby. So I got married when I was 16 weeks pregnant lol. Pushing it a bit I know but ah well.
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    (Original post by ras90)
    Who thinks that this should always be the primary aim?

    I personally dont believe in people having children if not married.
    It's personal choice. Personally, I believe in marriage but I understand that it isn't necessary for all couples and it can work out better than married couples having a child.
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    why is the only options married or not married why isn't there an either way is fine option
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    I think all that really matters is a loving and stable relationship, some choose to show this with marriage and others don't. Personally, I would prefer to be married before having children but I can see how it isn't really necessary for raising children.
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    personally i think you dont have to be married to have children, but i've been brought up to be hindu and they believe strictley you should be married to have children and say if im wrong but i think thats the same for christians to but also it depends if the people even need to get married as at the end of the day it is just a piece of paper, so aslong as the 2 are commited and know they'll ' stay together forever' it doesn't matter
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    A good loving relationship is more important than a marriage imo, if they can still raise the child well then it's fine.

    It's just a personal choice :yes:

    For me, I'm not sure yet :dontknow:
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    My parents aren't married and have been together for more than a 25 years.

    I don't see the point in marriage anyway and shot gun weddings are probably the most worthless of all.
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    If I was in a stable relationship and found I was pregnant, my first thought wouldn't be 'OMG we have to get married now'.
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    It's a personal choice, but I wouldn't consider having children unless I was married, I just like to do things the traditional way.
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    Marriage isn't really necessary, as long as the people are in a suitable personal, and financial position to be having a child. If they're not, then they should wait till they are in a position to do so.
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    It doesn't matter either way, as far as I'm concerned marriage changes nothing.

    However both parties must be committed, they must know each other well and want to spend their lives together. I know so many people who've had kids in and out of marriage and split up.
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    this is what every one of my teachers does. i'm pretty sure it's just to get time off.
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    They'd be born a bastard.
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    It's a personal choice and I'm not going to tell anyone what to do, but I wanted to marry before having children.


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