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How easy is it to change courses?

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    ... To change course once you start at University. I was completely unsure of what course I wanted to apply for, and now after applying and recieving offers for this course, I want to do something else! Or at least make it a joint honours with another subject. I was just wondering if anyone had experience in changing courses in their first year that could help me.
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    Starting uni with the intention if changing course right away is a bad idea, as it may not be immediately possible to switch for a variety of reasons and you could end up stuck on a course you don't like.

    Contact the universities in question now and ask if it is possible to change your application to a different course. If you don't actually really know what you want to do then surely taking a year out prior to starting university would be a better option.....
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    Agree with the above post, what course have you got offers for and what do you want to change to, are they similar?
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    It is not easy especially at the more established universities. You need to both meet the entry requirements for the course you want to change to, and them have spaces to take you, which is usually the limiting factor.
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    I changed courses before I got to uni probably at this time of the cycle from Psychology to History so I'd ring up now if you're sure that that is what you want to change to


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Updated: February 29, 2012
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