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Unhealthy on the Inside- Help!

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    My problem is this. I'm skinny and out of proportion (I've always been like that) and underweight. It's never really bothered me, but what I do hate is that I know I'm unhealthy on the inside. I never exercise (apart from the shortish walk to and from school). I don't really eat much chocolate and biscuits, but on the other side of the scale I don't eat much fruit and veg either, my diet consists mainly of cereal, pasta, sandwiches, steak, and potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes. Everyone tells me not to worry about my lack of exercise and poor diet, but I know that I'm not living as I should. I generally have colds and feel ill a lot, so I'm hoping, if I change my lifestyle, that I'll feel better, mentally and physically.

    So please, any advice about how I can get fit in a fun way that won't take up too much time? I'm busy every day after school plus I work at the weekend, but I am desperate to change my ways. Thanks so much for reading this rant if you have :L All advice will be greatly appreciated

    are you busy before school? plenty of people work out in the morning before school or work, plenty of people generally find time to make it work, you have no excuse

    Firstly, well done on deciding to exercise.

    You could try cycling to school/college. That's what I used to do. It's quicker than walking and great way to wake up in the mornings.

    You could try running in the mornings or the evenings. If a jog in the cold weather doesn't seem appealling, you could just find a step on a flight of stairs and spend 20 minutes or so stepping up and down from it.

    One thing to remember though, aerobic exercise - exercise which use big muscles like the ones in your leg - is better and a more holistic approach to exercise in terms of its benefits. So unless you want to be more muscle-y, try and stick with exercises which you do for long periods, 15 minutes or more.

    Exercise can be fun, but will not always be.
    It needn't be too time-consuming, but you will need to make time for it.

    Clean up your diet, and start running to school. That'll be a good start.

    (Original post by SEHughes)
    Exercise can be fun, but will not always be.
    It needn't be too time-consuming, but you will need to make time for it.

    Clean up your diet, and start running to school. That'll be a good start.
    Bad advice to give to a girl. Obvious reasons why.

    Maybe run home instead. There really is not reason not to excercise unless you have a severe disability OP.


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Updated: March 3, 2012
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