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So where is everyone off to this summer then?

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    Crete or Marmaris xxx
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    We were going to Tuscany, to stay at a villa belonging to one of my aunts' friends, but my mother told me yesterday that, due to some very large, unexpected bills, we can't afford the air fares, neither do we have the time. This is the third year in a row that financial mess has cancelled my summer holiday. I think my passport might have expired by now...

    Staying at home is probably, honestly, taking enjoyment and relaxation and happiness out of the equation, the best option. My teacher expects me to write my adv higher English dissertation between the end of March and the end of the summer holidays, not seeming to take into account that I have Duke of Edinburgh and desperate higher cramming just before the summer holidays start, so, the more time I have to myself in a mood of generalised productive depression, the better.
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    Heading to Lanzarote with my friends before school stops, then head over to my parents summer place before starting uni, so gonna be a good one!
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    You better hope youve got a **** load of money left for Amsterdam, it is ridiculously expensive.

    Why not finish somewhere in the east instead?

    I really like smoking but there is a good chance I may do but it all depends on how much time I have left before uni
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    Benidorm for 3 days in June with my mum
    Santa Susanna (Costa Brava) for 5 days in July with family.
    Blackpool for 3 days also in July with family.

    People say that Blackpool is as tacky as hell (and it probably is) but I don't care...absolutely love the place! Been there practically every summer for the last 9 years.
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    Belgium (Tomorrowland festival)
    Greece (with my girlfriend)
    France (visit my grandparents)
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    (Original post by bestofyou)

    Do you work on the slopes or what? Why do you need to be there in late August? I thought places didn't hire until round October or maybe september?
    I work in Season Passes and we start selling and processing them during the summer. August-start of December is actually our busiest time!
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    Borneo for 10 weeks
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    Berlin, Dresden and Munich probably.
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    Zante for a week with friends for a girls holiday.
    Spain (not sure where) for two weeks with family.

    If I'm not ridiculously tanned when I start Uni, I will not be impressed.
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    Summer plans :-

    14 days in UK, doing Land's End to John o' Groats. Detours at a few places we haven't quite decided where yet.

    14 days in Hong Kong, visiting my parents and son. Will do a quick getaway to Beijing for 2 days while here for a trade fair.

    3 days in Germany, going to the 'ring

    3 days each in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, trade show/exhibition.

    10 days Ibiza, graduation trip with my mates from uni era, since I was a 3rd year when they started their 1st, now they are finally graduating.

    4 days in Shanghai for an exhibition and conference.

    That covers early June to late August.
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    Dubai and Tenerife, last couple of family holidays before uni
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    Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China.

    4 days in each country!
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    (Original post by jonnythemoose)
    Paris...to work at Disneyland!
    I definitely have a re think about wearing that mask in your avatar for you work placement
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    (Original post by hannahchan)
    I definitely have a re think about wearing that mask in your avatar for you work placement
    who said it was a mask? :ninja:
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    This is making me all excited for the summer

    Hopefully spend the summer cycling from calais to Holland, and then back again, camping along the way

    Bicycle stuff should cost around £100 to make it comfier, as well as for the panniers. Around £100 to travel to london, take the ferry over and for travel insurance. Food shouldn't be too expensive, and as for accomodation I'm planning on appealing to the good will of farmers If that fails, then stealth camping :P

    Then will get into a campsite in Holland near nijmegen and chill there for a while, then cycle back. Hopefully I'll meet people while I'm over there as I'm going alone.
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    TOMORROWLAND - Belgium

    L'Ampolla Spain for my grandad's 70th, get the miserable old git **** faced!
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    Lisbon with friends for a week.



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