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How British are you?

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    8/24. I guessed almost all of them.

    I'm not British, I'm Welsh :sexface:
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    I managed to score 13/24 (54%), I had to guess a majority of the questions though. Some of those questions were laughable.
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    14/25. I've never visited the UK. Guess I was just very lucky.
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    33% oops :s
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    Some of those questions are pretty petty though tbh.
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    58%, not too bad. :P
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    9/24 :ahee:

    im a BBC, pretty glad i was born here, many of those questions were just :lolwut:
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    42% XD But I'm not British so I guess I'm allowed to suck.... until I actually have to take the test I'm scared.
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    lol I got 8.

    I've no idea why I or anyone else would know or would want to know most of that stuff.
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    5/24. Oh, the shame! Looks like I won't be joining the EDL, after all.
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    I got 14/24 (58%) and quite pleased actually
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    Apparantly I'm not British (42%) because I don't know how much a blind man's TV license costs. :unimpressed:

    That being said, I got the date of St.Georges day wrong (I'm not good with dates... ) so a low score was probably deserved...

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    19/24...Almost there!
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    (Original post by Sharri5)
    Is there a question about the condition of british teeth?

    There is.

    Q) What negative stereotype about Britain is in fact full of ****?
    A) The one about bad British teeth. British teeth are not only not bad, they are in fact the best in the God-damn world. The average tooth decay amongst British children is 0.6 of a tooth. Our teeth might not be the whitest, but that's because unlike Americans, we don't need to spend thousands and thousands on cosmetic procedures, because we aren't insecure nonces.


    Nice try though.
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    I like how people assume that if you dont pass this test you get kicked out
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    White, born in Leicester 1968.

    The test is pish I mean who gives a rats ass about the Hugeonots or whatever & why do I need to know how many MEPS etc..
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    Hmm. I think that a citizenship test focused predominately on basic UK law and British etiquette would be more beneficial to both immigrants and the UK as a whole.

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    Most asinine test ever.


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