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Completed a year and a term, can I still get funding from SFE?

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    Ill keep this brief; ive done a whole year at university and will be sitting 2 remaining exams this summer to complete my first year (had to defer the two because of medical reasons) so altogether I will have received a year and a terms worth of finance.
    Depending on how this goes I may well start again on a new 3 or 4 year course, will I be able to get support from SFE if I start a new course? Or will I just have to find that remaining one term's worth of fees? Or does it not work like that? I dont really know how it works as ive never experienced it before and SFE is a complete shambles who dont even answer your questions.

    Oh and secondly, if I were to start on a 4 year course with foundation year (making it 5 years in total) again, would I be eligible for support from SFE? Im not sure how foundation years work, if theyre integrated its fine but if its not then its not fine, right?

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    The extra term you studied counted as a year for student finance.

    A formula is used to determine your entitlement, which is: New course length + 1 year - previous study

    In your case, if it's a new 3 or 4 year course you will get a maintenance loan only in your first year (no grants, no tuition fee support - you will have to pay this yourself) and full support for subsequent years.


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