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how scary is the woman in black?

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    I've been wanting to see this for a while but havn't got round to it. I'm okay with scary films but I recently watched the trailer and got a bit freaked. However I'm am still quite keen on seeing it. Anyone who went to see it, did you get freaked out or did you find it fine?
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    I found it pretty scary, there are quite a lot of 'jumpy' moments in it. I don't think it will majorly freak you out though, but it is pretty creepy most of the way through. I thought it was a good film though, and definitely worth a watch if you like ghost stories. Have you seen 'The Others'? It's a similar kind of film to that I guess, with it being a ghost story, set a hundred years or so ago and in an old, creepy house
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    It's laughable, really.
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    (Original post by + polarity -)
    It's laughable, really.
    This. It was absolutely rubbish, not scary at all and not even a good plot - unless you count Harry Potter walking around with a WTF face ALL THE BLIMMIN TIME a good plot.

    Dire, don't watch.
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    Its not scary, perhaps a few jumpy moments is all
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    A little bit scary, but rather jumpy (and hilarious) at times. Quite creepy.

    The ending is sad though
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    I still haven't seen The Woman in Black, but it's the film I've got my sights set on, at the moment. I'm hoping to go and see it very soon although, judging by the above comments, I might be in for a major disappointment.
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    Pretty scary.

    I preferred the original but it was pretty good.
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    Alright, alright, we all know African mothers/women are stereotyped but theres no need for this.
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    About as scary as closing the front door and thinking you forgot your keys - but then finding them in your jacket pocket.

    Is any movie ever really scary? I think the Shining and the Omen (original) are some of my favourtie scary movies, but even they werent that scary really
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    I've been wanting to see this as well. I don't particularly like 'jumpy' films but I want to see if Dan can do anything except be harry Potter . . .
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    I'd say it's more creepy than overly scary, but there are a few moments where you really jump. My Mam screamed really loudly and so did a few others!
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    I thought it was horrible. I had my head buried in my friend's shoulder for most of it and I kept waking up that night thinking the woman was in my room. I'm not usually a wuss when it comes to scary films though, I think that it just affected me because it had children in it. </3
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    I misread the title as 'how scary is the black woman' :blush:
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    It makes a much better stage show, but not a particularly good movie.
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    Not at all.
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    Entertaining, more than creepy. The jumps startled me but that means nothing. None of it really disturbed me at all, but the bits trying to be were at least fun in a grim sort of way. There were a couple of tense bits.

    Anyone ripping on the plot clearly doesn't realise it's based on one of the defining examples of the ghost story genre! Of course it's generic; it is the genre.
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    It was really scary. My best friend screamed EVEN when a TAP would turn on. XD

    It's a decent film. The plot's pretty lame. But as a film to watch with friends it's good. I went out with a group of 10.
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    I jumped bigg time when he touches the window...y'all know what Im talking about

    overall 'scariness': 7/10 several jumpy moments
    the story could have been better in my opinion


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