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how scary is the woman in black?

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    Everyone was telling me it was so scary. After Insidious which was equally disappointing I should have known better really.

    I didn't find it scary at all and it was irritatingly loud to try scare you/make you jump (the screams). It was a really slow movie and left me thinking wtf was the point in that?

    Jumpy more than scary. Had seen the original so wasn't as on edge as some people.

    The stage show is much scarier, I found the film quite disappointing.

    This is very scary.....

    (Original post by pink pineapple)
    I've been wanting to see this for a while but havn't got round to it. I'm okay with scary films but I recently watched the trailer and got a bit freaked. However I'm am still quite keen on seeing it. Anyone who went to see it, did you get freaked out or did you find it fine?
    Are you being serious?! It's a 12A. A 7 year old could go and see it of their parents gave them permission. I doubt it's scarier than the teletubbies- that IS freaky

    Agreed with others that the theatre production was much scarier, although the film wasn't exactly Cinderella either.

    (Original post by the_13th)
    To be honest, this was my initial reaction when I first saw the scary maze game.

    It's not scary, just jumpy and spooky. Whenever it does make you jump, nine times out of ten, it's something really stupid that's totally unscary :P I think the correct term is Luton?


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Updated: May 7, 2012
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